Debate over Venezuelan Protests

Do they reflect Popular Discontent, or the Old Qualms of a Divided Elite?

Venezuelan flag.
Venezuelan flag.

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HAVANA TIMES – The ongoing protests in Venezuela have left at least 20 people dead since breaking out last month. Both sides have staged massive rallies, with opponents accusing President Nicolas Maduro of authoritarianism and mishandling the economy and supporters backing his continuation of Hugo Chavez’s legacy of social welfare. Maduro has bristled at outside attempts to intervene.

We host a debate on who is protesting in Venezuela, and why, with two guests: Margarita López Maya, a Venezuelan historian and political analyst with the Center for Development Studies at the Central University of Venezuela; and Roberto Lovato, a writer with New American Media who recently returned from reporting in Caracas.

One thought on “Debate over Venezuelan Protests

  • Against imperialist intervention and in defence of the Bolivarian revolution

    This statement was adopted unanimously by the International Committee
    of the Fourth International on 25 February 2014.

    Faced with the offensive of the
    rightwing opposition against the government and the Bolivarian people,
    that, using fascist methods of political pressure, is seeking to
    dismantle the political, economic and social conquests won during the
    process of the Bolivarian revolution. The organizations and figures who
    have signed below maintain: Our internationalist solidarity with the
    Bolivarian people and conviction that only the mobilization and the
    self-organization. Of the people can consolidate and deepen the
    Bolivarian revolutionary process.

    (Apparently they are seeking signatures. None are reported so far.)

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