Documentary about Artistic Resistance of Nicaraguans in Exile

From left to right: Chepito, Alma and Mario, three exiled artists who share their experiences in “Sangre Nueva” (New blood). Courtesy Managua Furiosa.

“Sangre Nueva” is the second of three documentary productions of the Managua Furiosa cultural platform, about exiled Nicaraguan artists.

By Staff Niú (Confidencial)

HAVANA TIMES – Sangre Nueva (New blood) tells the story of three Nicaraguan artists from different generations who were forced to leave their country due to threats from supporters of Daniel Ortega. Alma, Mario and Chepito are members of Artex (Articulation of Exiled Artists of Nicaragua) and live in Costa Rica, where they continue with their artistic production and, in addition, with the hope that their work can generate social changes.

“It is a 29-minute documentary that recognizes and makes visible the struggle and strength of the new generations that from exile aspire to a better future and a new Nicaragua where living does not represent pain or sacrifice,” says the Managua Furiosa team through a Press release.

The first production of this series was launched in November 2019.  Dejanos Volar (Let Us Fly) accompanies Mafe Carrero and Gaby Baca during a self-managed tour of Europe after leaving Nicaragua because of the government repression.

“Sangre Nueva” (New Blood). Courtesy Managua Furiosa.

This new installment with the stories of three artists “reflects on how art dignifies, strengthens and unifies young people from different backgrounds, who meet, recognize and accompany each other in a process as abrupt as exile. A situation they never anticipated in their lives, but that in a crucial moment in history was the only guarantee of safety they had.”

The idea behind Sangre Nueva is to capture “the tireless struggle of young people who migrated to save their lives.” For its filmmakers it is also an invitation to know the reality of the thousands of exiles who through art denounce injustices and use their voices “to bring hope and courage.”

“The documentary invites us to reflect on how the actions of the past have an impact on the present and how that present is part of the memory that will influence the future,” says the digital platform.

Meanwhile, Alma, Mario and Chepito continue their civic struggle through art.



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