“Fidel Castro’s Ideas Are Out of This World”

By Café Fuerte

Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias with General Raul Castro
Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias with General/President Raul Castro.  Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — On Monday, as part of the series of interviews with historical figures of Castro’s revolution that Cuba’s Round Table program has been holding, Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias, the first farmer to join the detachment of combatants that would later become the Rebel Army, spoke of his experiences on Cuban television.

The interview, showing unbridled servility to the official discourse, was conducted by journalist Arleen Rodriguez Derivet.

Rodriguez Derivet engages in political kitsch like few other representatives of Cuba’s official journalism. Suddenly, she is moved by a photo she claims she has never before seen: an image of Raul Castro, climbing down from a tree, while Vilma Espin tenderly holds him up.

The Greatest Thing in Life

According to Garcia, the greatest thing in his life has been to have known Fidel Castro.

Predictably, the “historical reconstruction” sought by the interview became a sugary tribute to Fidel Castro.

“I gave him [Fidel Castro], and Raul, my full commitment, to the end of my life,” 87-year-old Garcia said.

The praise continued: Garcia claimed that Fidel Castro would give his own food to the prisoners of Cuba’s republican army, slowly demoralizing Batista’s forces.

Garcia added that Raul is the most profound thinker among those who follow Fidel Castro’s ideas. “We have to say it, he [Raul Castro] hasn’t enjoyed any of life’s pleasures, everything has been sacrifice.”

Against the Traitors

Garcia also spoke against traitors and the ambitions that lead to treason. “We’ve had traitors throughout the revolution,” the octogenarian insisted, as though he weren’t a consummate traitor of the ideals that gave birth to the revolutionary process he joined in his youth.

“Fidel’s ideas are extraordinary. Fidel’s ideas are out of this world,” he stated.

Near the end of the program, he said he had confidence in “the young, who must carry the emblems of the homeland and the ideas of Fidel and Raul.” “The revolution is eternal,” he sentenced.

This is the ejaculatory rhetoric of a generation that refuses to leave power and seeks to extend a legacy through words, while society heads in a totally different direction, tired of hearing of that generation’s adventures, which are obstacles to the country’s future.

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    Fantastic answer !!

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    Yes you are right, the US is not a democracy, it is a representative republic. In a democracy 3 wolves and a sheep decide whats for dinner. In a constitutional representative republic, the sheep is protected from the wolves

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