Havana Housing Authorities Want to Evict this Single Mother (Video)

HAVANA TIMES – The serious housing problem that afflicts the Cuban population hasn’t escaped Yohana Gonzalez’s life. The young 29-year-old woman decided to squat with her three children in a boarded-up house in Old Havana.

She used to live with her mother and another 16 people, in a house that was unfit for habitation, which was supposed to be turned into a homeless shelter. Over time, her neighbors were given other places to live, but her case is still pending because she has a large family, so she has been told by officials at the local housing authority.

Yoana knows that she has committed a crime, but she couldn’t wait any longer, it’s a long list and those who have the means pay to get to the top of the list. She has three children and finds it very hard to raise them. The Housing authority knows about her situation, but they are more interested in evicting her than giving her a home.    

Her situation is even more difficult because one of her young daughters has special needs. She is a single mother on Family benefits, but she only receives 175 pesos (barely 7 USD) per month. The legality of her home is still on the table as she is being constantly harassed by the local housing authorities and police.

In order to prevent unexpected visits, her door is always closed with a padlock. Her mother takes care of the children whenever she goes outside to try and make a living.  She sells what other people bring her, used clothes, sauces, jams, whatever she can, to get by. Her alcoholic father wanders the streets with no interest in helping out the family.

Yohana’s only concern is to give her children a decent home. She is worried about her children’s future if anything were to ever happen to her. She fights for a home where they can grow, a home she never had.


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  • My wife and I have been to this amazing island nation 23 times in the laST 7 YEARS. We have gotten to know the people working in the resorts as if they are family. We know how hard it is for the average Cuban , and what they go through on a daily basis. We have sent groceries to 4 of our Cuban family members, as well as loaded up debit cards with american money so they can buy basic hygien products we take for granted in Canada. Canadians LOVE and appreciate what our CUBAN FAMILY does for us when we come to visit this awe inspiring island. Please hang in there, PRESIDENT BIDEN will make your lives easier, and CANADIANS will visit our CUBAN families in numbers like you have never seen before.

  • We have forwarded your email to the person who made the video.

  • How can I send money directly to this poor young lady? How much is the rent of an apartment for her and her children? Thank you.

  • Very important us the older lady naming emphasizes in the fact that she is not talking bad about the government that she is talking about the housing crisis. ( Afraid to be arrested or fine with the new 370 “Law” ) Well the crisis is because the government took all the properties from the lawful owners and never gave maintenance to the buildings. The crisis was created by a horrible dictatorship trying to have control of Every aspect of Cubans Ppl

  • And Cuba boldly boasts that it has no homeless. Time for the Party hacks to leave their offices in Revolution Square, for the members of the Poder Popular to take time away from the hotel where they reside when in Havana, time for that long list of office holders to get out of their cars and walk through the Cuba where the subjugated live.
    But will they, and if they do, will they do anything after over sixty long dreary years pursuing the Castro myth?

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