Land-escapes: A place to go

By Irina Echarry, Photos: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 24 — Reinventing the world we live in is a way to be reborn.  That’s what Hander Lara does with his photographs: build places starting from illusion, desires and dreams.

To do this he uses real, simple and everyday materials like sheets, the regulator of a pressure cooker, a toothbrush, used clothes and a tree leaf.  The places he creates are not unreal, they only exist in his mind and now he shares them with us in the showing titled “Land-escapes”, which will be at the Ruben Martinez Villena Library gallery through October 7.

Hander uses preconceived schemes of scenery with fine irony for recreation in his illusionary spaces.  When he makes the scenes he doesn’t only question the place in itself, but how far we are (or aren’t) from it.

The gallery is surrounded by glass windows with a view of the Plaza de Armas, the coming and going of people, the pigeons and one or another cloud.  Visiting these “non-places” created by Hander Lara gives us a different take of everyday life, where the majority of the times the whirlpool distances us so much from dreams.

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