Letter of the Year 2015 from Cuba

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban Council of Elder Priests of the Ifa (Yoruba religion) published their “Letter of the Year 2015” on January 2nd.

The annual message is of great interest to believers of the Yoruba religion and is also widely read by the general population on the island and Cubans abroad. The following is a translation* of the entire message.

2015 Letter from the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba

1st Witness: OGBEYONO
2nd Witness: OSHEBILE
Prophecy: Ire Ariku Oyale Lese Orunla (Good Health with Firmness By Orunla)
Addimú: Obi meyi, Itana meyi, Igba Omi (2 Cocos, 2 Candles and one Jícara with Water).
Reigning saint: Obatala
Accompanying saint: Yemaya
Flag: White with blue trim.

Ebo: 1 rooster, 1 jicotea 1 crown, 1 pearl, bark of a palm tree, double-edged knife, a piece of a grinding stone, a piece of coal, mariwó, earth gathered from the four corners of the house of work, from a hole, a female and male doll, a gap female and male doll, arrow, trap, red cloth, smoked fish, cascarilla, smoked jutia (a Cuban rodent), palm oil, cocoa, liquor, 2 coconuts, 2 candles, Opolopo owo.


1- The woman is a river where all guiros break
2- You never know when a woman sins, nor when the millet falls.
3- The kestrel woman puts war and fire in her eggs.
4- Dog that barks doesn’t bite.
5- An Awo is born and a palm dies.


. The disease called Vitiligo (Leucodemia)
. The consecration of the mummies
. The Book of the Dead
. The myth of syncretizing Oggun with San Pedro
. The secret of why OGUN gets a key
. The movement of hands to write.
. The large crown of Yewá.
. The knife’s edge.
. The virtue of a falling cat always landing on its feet.
. It speak’s of the balance of the world where Shango took three laps like a ram. 
. It speaks about phenomena in Heaven.
. They speak of three things: the home, prison and the tomb.
. Oturasa’s fortune is the ODUARA (stone beam).
. Insists on caring for eyesight.
. Be careful whom you allow in your home.

SIGN PLANTS : French Macaw, caisimón, yam, red mangrove, cedar, ceiba, palm, yellow aroma. Oddun salaye of Yewa


Ifa says:

– Maintain hygiene at all levels.
– Complete outstanding consecrations.
– Complete Drum presentation to those who have it pending.
– Address the spiritual realm.
– Emphasize in our religious centers, habits and customs in sanitation.
– Update legal documents
– Avoid social indiscipline.
– Take care of marital relationships.
– Avoid vices.
– Beware of STDs.
– Encourage family, religious and social unification.
– Beware of treachery and false testimonies.
– Avoid excessive ambition.
– Never forget where you came from.
– Avoid exposure to the sun without proper protection.
– Do not mistreat children.
– Beware of mosquito bites, avoid trash heaps.
– Take all necessary measures to reduce automobile accidents.
– Respect should prevail in all relationships.
– We should know how to behave to avoid embarrassment.
– Avoid deceit and adultery.
– Use extreme care when delegating responsibility.
– That all religious people should go to their elders for guidance.
For general knowledge:

On December 1, 2014, with the presence of a significant number of Babalawos from Cuba and other countries and members of the Cuban Council of Elder Priests of Ifa, ceremonies corresponding to the Pre-opening of the Letter of 2015 were conducted in the Association. It was filled with 25 key positions. In all cases the response of the deities was very satisfactory.

On December 30, 2014, corresponding sacrifices to deities were made as determined in the Pre- Opening.
Photos: Elio Delgado Valdes

(*) Editor’s Note: If anyone can help improve on this translation please send in your suggestions to [email protected].

One thought on “Letter of the Year 2015 from Cuba

  • This article covers the reading of the year of the babalaos of the Yoruba Association, the (gov’t-recognized) organization of priests of Ifa. Many older Havana Ifa priests hold the YA at arms’ length, and deride these YA members as “diplo-babalaos.”

    The Miguel Febles Padron Organizing Commission of the Sign for the Year is the much older, more respected, larger, ad hoc, independent group–as in, they established themselves during a time when religious practitioners were considered suspect. They offer their reading, as is traditional, on December 31/January 1. (You know, the new year.) This is why the upstart, toadying YA group, attempting to usurp the greater attention paid to the 29-year-old Organizing Commission, hosts their reading earlier in the month.

    It is telling that the YA group’s toothless reading–which is published through official media outlets like Ecured–urges followers to “avoid social indiscipline” and “avoid excessive ambition.” Meanwhile, the OC reading–which, owing to its independence, always offers edgier prognostications that therefore have more credibility and a wider following–predicts “the death of older persons of renown,” “a high level of deaths of public figures (political, intellectual and religious)” and “coup d’etats or brusque changes of political systems.”

    Please don’t drink the cool aide, folks. I recommend readers see the OC reading here: http://www.consultassanteria.com/letra-del-ano-2015-miguel-febles-padron.php

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