Missing You Cuba, Again (video)

HAVANA TIMES — “Volver a extrañarte Cuba” (Missing you Cuba, again) is a short film about me, Yuribert Capetillo Hardy.

Going back to my country after a long time living in Europe was a shock for me. Realizing that almost all of my friends and family members had left the country for a better future.

The text of the short is based on my view of the current situation in Cuba and the things I’ve been through in my own life, like the death of my mother, who committed suicide in Havana, Cuba. This changed the way I look at life, and time.

Special thanks to all of those Cubans who allowed me to film them, and let me tell their humble story in this video. Also a big thanks to Nathalie Salomons, for the translation into English.

Filmed and edited by Yuribert Capetillo Hardy.  #YurisbertCapetilloHardy.  Official link: https://vimeo.com/204702650

7 thoughts on “Missing You Cuba, Again (video)

  • Then what is your solution Julio?

  • Thank you for a beautiful video, well done. And very sorry for the loss of your mother, may she rest in peace. Take comfort in that she is now in a better place than the rest of us in this world.

  • Cuba – the paradox of sadness and joy, beauty and decay.
    This is beautiful and I’d love to see more, but I always want to see more of Cuba.

  • There’s nothing to reconcile with those who stayed, is the regime who has to answer for their crimes.

  • Nicely done video. The elephant in the room is the Castro regime. It has failed to deliver as promised. The sooner that Cuba can rid itself of the dictatorship, the sooner that Cubans can begin to chart a new course for themselves and rebuild their country. I hope while they’re at it, they can clean up all the dog poop that both stray dogs and those who belong to people leave all over the sidewalks. Anyone who has been to Havana should agree with me.

  • Well done video, and am not a Cuban. How do you reconcile with those who stayed and the one’s who left? That’s the task.

  • Que lindo

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