My Visit to a Special Place at the Isle of Youth, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES – Yaima Pardo takes us on a trip to the Isla de la Juventued (Isle of youth) and an underwater excursion at Cocodrilo to the south of the island.  Enjoy this 4 minute video.

3 thoughts on “My Visit to a Special Place at the Isle of Youth, Cuba

  • Thanks for posting! Although I stayed at the Colony Motel a few days in February, of 1970, I never got Cocodrilo, on the southern end of the island.
    Some of the tropical fish depicted in your video reminded me of an unfortunate occurance from my youth (in fact, an incident emblematic of the global warming which is now taking place)! In preparation for cleaning out my much larger fish tank, when I was about nine or ten I a netted my tropical fish and put them in a smaller tank. As I cleaned the larger one, I noticed many of my prized species floating to the top of the smaller tank! What was killing them? As soon as I put my hand in the water of the smaller tank I found out. The light from the larger tank, which I had placed on top of the smaller tank, was heating up the water to the point that it killed off all but a few “zebra” fish! !Oh my!

  • Thank you for this great video, it’s nice to see a video of the beautiful side of Cuba (one of it’s greatest attributes). A welcomed change from all the “political” articles that have been getting published.

    I was at Isle De La Huventud(IDLH) for my honeymoon and i was absolutely amazed at how much underwater natural habitat you could see only 5 to 10 feet from shore. I think that trip was one of the best places I have ever been to in Cuba (and there are literally thousands to pick from) but I will always cherish the beauty of IDLH. 🙂

  • Nice video, lived on Oahu, Hawaii, right off a reef and swam with the sharks and stingrays daily. Very cool stuff, thanks.

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