Opening the Veil on Cuba

Photo Feature by Rafiki

Mosaic House

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 5 – After reappearing in my home town in the United States after my trip to Cuba, many discussions about the differences in culture and perspective in a capitalist and a socialist society ensued. My two-week crash course on a society I was previously unfamiliar with had been psychologically hard and exhausting.  It was very very challenging to overcome all the propaganda about Cuba that had dictated my mentality, and remain open to it as it is.

As the days gathered, I realized I was lucky to have ventured to that island, a place that was off-limits to American citizens.  I had had an opportunity to see, relate, and experience first hand a country that was usually hidden behind the veil in my country.

It is through these photographs that I wish to share something of that experience, something of a new world that may not offer all the comforts we are accustomed to here in the United States, but does have many riches in character, art, architecture, history, music, humanity, and vision worth expressing.

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  • This is ther real Cuba..Thank u Rafique..As Cuban non amerikkkn i am familiar with all of those photos and places..and they are never off limits..i come from Matanzas..not veradaro lol

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