Phase III: Clinical Trial of a Cuban Vaccine (Cartoons)

By El Toque & Periodismo de Barrio)

Illustrations by Wimar Verdecia

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban illustrator Wimar Verdecia shows us how phase III of the clinical trial of the Soberana 02 vaccine is taking place. It is said to be the most advanced vaccine candidate against COVID-19 in Cuba.

Carla is a doctor about to receive her first dose of the Sovereign 02 vaccine, as part of the clinical trials taking place throughout the country.
The first step takes place in a small room of a polyclinic, where she meets with another doctor and a nurse. She fills out a form with her data; her blood pressure is taken, and a consent form is signed in which she agrees to take the three doses of the vaccine.
After the interview, she is taken to a second room where two nurses await her.
One nurse fills out her vaccination card, while the other applies the vaccine jab.
(Curiosity about placebo in clinical trials)
Placebo is a substance that does not have any active pharmacological principle, developed to make the patient believe that they are receiving the medicine. It is used in clinical trials to compare its effect with the real medicine. Neither the doctors nor the patient knows when it is the placebo or the real drug.
After the vaccination is carried out, Carla goes to another larger room where several Public Health workers receive her forms and record the date and time of the vaccination.
There she must wait an hour after her vaccination, when her blood pressure and body temperature are taken again.
Once the stipulated time has passed, if her temperature and blood pressure are normal, she can continue her routine. In three days, she is expecting the second dose.

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