Plans Readied for Attacks on Nov. 15 Protestors in Cuba

Sticks, stones and rifles will be the preferred weapons

The repressive preparations include almost theatrical representations of an alleged popular response to subjects who play the role of protesting citizens. (Facebook)

By 14ymedio

HAVANA TIMES – Several workers posing with sticks in their hands, a man proudly displaying a stone and some neighbors caught on camera test firing with rifles. The photos have been published in recent days on the social networks of Cuban state entities, accompanied by messages against “the mercenaries” and “the provocateurs” of the civic march planned for November 15 (15N).­­

The Cuban officialdom not only greases its Rapid Response Brigades to confront the protesters, but also makes a media display of what awaits in the streets for those who dare to demonstrate against the regime. The repressive preparations include almost theatrical representations of an alleged popular response to subjects who play the role of protesting citizens. The scene ends the moment they are surrounded and reduced by a plainclothes shock trooper.

The appearance of the images has been accompanied by public commitments from unions, employees from various productive sectors and even private entrepreneurs, who show their support for the Government and their rejection of the call for 15N. In each case, they claim “to be ready for anything.” They shout “we will defend our country to the last drop of blood” and “mercenaries will have no place on our streets.”

The comments that are published under these postings call for all dissidents to be “put in jail” and “applying a strong hand.” Several of the accounts that have published these scenes have already been denounced for promoting violence, and there has been no lack of account owners on Facebook or Twitter who have made their posts private after receiving criticism for disseminating images of people in a threatening pose with clubs and steel bars.

As the date approaches, it is expected that these photos and statements will become more and more numerous and involve students, cultural personalities and even retirees. Before the confrontation reaches the streets, there will be plenty of trenches and battles on television and other national media.

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15 thoughts on “Plans Readied for Attacks on Nov. 15 Protestors in Cuba

  • Cuban people are strong, kind ,honest hard working people who love music, and culture. But things are sad in Cuba at the moment, Things are difficult for many Cubans ,for many families ,and the people want to be heard, believe me, I know
    I am Cuban

  • Chas has a peculiar form of logic, in suggesting that “the USA doesn’t care about that, so the Cuban government can’t either.” The Cuban government is modelled upon that of Stalin in Russia and the USSR. To suggest that it plays ‘follow my leader’ with the USA is farcical.

    No doubt Chas will provide his reasons for supporting a tyranny that jails a person for demonstrating at the age of 19, to 18 years in jail? Speak up Chas, demonstrate some courage in your convictions!

  • I don’t care who wrote that Cubans do not object to the revolution as such, but to the lack of things produced by it. I am sorry to tell you that you are so completely wrong that you don’t even know where you’re standing.
    After 62 years of repression, abuse, misery and everything else that they have gone through and I have gone through having to have left, you are totally insane if you think that they want more of this. Grow up mentally or try to go back to Cuba and live there. What are you doing a free country.
    My friend I fought and was wounded in Vietnam. Freedom is not cheap. And you should not make uneducated comments about what Cubans want or not. If you think it’s so wonderful, I suggest you make your way there and call me after one year. Mark h Pollack

  • Cuba is such an easy read really.
    The country is a disaster.

    No real elections because the communists would get crushed at the polls.
    Absolutely smoked, thus they resort to beating up their population and firing them from their jobs if they even make a peep.

  • Responding to Dennis, it’s too bad Cubans can’t protest problems in their country, but the reality is the USA will, and apparently already has, taken over the protests. The USA sees that now, with help from Covid, the blockade is finally starting to work. Now, with its enemy weakened, the CIA can unleash its full psyops internet campaign and expect some success with instigating an uprising. The Cuban government and supporters of the Revolution have no choice but to mount an all out defense, just as if the country were being invaded militarily by the USA, because that, in effect, is what is happening. Many of the protestors may actually be supporters of the Revolution who are protesting about bread and butter issues, but the USA doesn’t care at all about that so the Cuban government can’t either.

  • As a tourist that has visited Cuba many times starting in the 1990’s and considering the current tourism situation on the island. Image’s like those seen in this article do not bode well for the tourism industry and definitely does not send a worm and welcoming feeling to future tourists. People do not want to visit a police state especially when it is so blatantly visible.

  • Cubans are not against the revolution, but against the lack of food,, the lack of jobs, Cubans are not against the revolution, are against the absence of democracy and opportunities. Cubans are not against the revolution, but protest for the lack of good public health and for the political prisoners..

  • Chas and Quinn demonstrate the expected response from communist regime sycophants. The endeavor as usual is to endeavor to place responsibility for the protests by thousands of Cubans upon the US. That reflects the contempt held by Chas and Quinn, for the people of Cuba. They in their conceit consider that Cubans are incapable of reasoned intelligent thought!

    I have news for them! Despite 62 years of censorship and indoctrination in endeavors to create a “mass”, by a communist dictatorship, many Cubans are well aware that they are being subjected to repression upon a daily basis and not unsurprisingly, seek freedom. The protests are an expression of that desire for freedom – including that freedom of expression that Chas and Quinn already hold.

    One can only have contempt for those who seek to encourage repression of others!

  • I am sure the Cuban regime’s black booted stormtroopers are ready.

    The Cuban dictatorship will go all out to enforce it’s will.
    Probably talking to Putin, Xi ,Maduro, Khamenei, and Kim Jong-un in a conference call now.

  • We’ll see, won’t we. Of course in my country, we have SuperPatriots like Kyle Rittenhouse, who take their AR-15’s to protests, and murder multiple protestors as if they were squirrels. The cops gave him water beforehand, and the trial judge Bruce Shroeder is getting pretty friendly too, forbiding referr ing to the dead lefties as “victims. They CAN be referred to as “looters” “rioters” and “arsonists” though, despite not having engaged in any of those behaviors. He was spurred into action by the eerrr, President himself and Conservative media. Thank God for the difference between the use violence in the US as opposed to that imprisoned island ruled by Communist thugs, right gang ?

  • With Cuba weakened by the Covid pandemic, the USA has decided the Cuban Revolution is ready to be overthrown. The USA has stepped up its organizing tactics, making good use of the internet, and is ready to take the next step at pushing a color revolution. But this story gives me hope that the Cuban people will defend their revolution.

  • Cuba’s citizens are tired of anti-government rioters and the mayhem that they sew. It will not be the government that responds to the U.S.-funded protesters, but rather the majority of the population, defending their country from yet another subversive attack. This time it is called “#soscuba,” and it was created in the United States.

  • The tactics used by the Castro regime to suppress opposition are well known. The fact that they continue to use them are further testimony to the lack of fresh ideas coming out of Punto Cero. The reality is that unless and until the opposition in Cuba is willing to march anyway despite the threats coming from the Castro dictatorship, nothing in Cuba will change. Civil Rights marchers in the US, during the 1960s, people like my mother, knew there would be dogs and water hoses turned on them. They knew that they would be arrested and beaten. But they marched anyway. When Cubans get the same level of consciousness, change will come to Cuba. Maybe the November 15 march will be the start….

  • I hope the members of La Junta militar Comunista understand that the people iof Cuba and the 2 millions in exile had enough of 62 years of oppression and misery.
    Violence would create violence and it’s going to be like every Cuban exactly knows. Is going to be a civil war. Díaz Canel called the “revolutionaries’ to defend the Revolution to any means necessary the opposition have the right to defend themselves.

  • The intimidation will only increase.

    The regime will try very hard to be able to accuse the demonstrators of violence and damage to property, being very aware that the world is watching. Expect a couple of old police Ladas to be set on fire and the blame put on the protestors. Yes, the CTC supporters will be well organized by Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento of the CTC, who will have attended meetings with Diaz-Canel and Alejandro Castro Espin, planning counter measures using his “revolutionaries”.

    I think it unlikely that the regime will actually use firearms, but they may accuse the protestors of doing so, by surreptitious positioning of snipers in civilian clothing. Doing so would however be a calculated risk.

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