Santiago de Cuba’s Prehistoric Valley

Photo Feature by Janis Hernandez

HAVANA TIMES, Oct. 26 — Among the most interesting attractions at the Baconao Park south of the city of Santiago de Cuba is without a doubt the Prehistoric Valley.

Exhibited there are massive figures of animals belonging to the earliest periods of time.  From the Jurassic, the Paleolithic and the Mesolithic ages, visitors are delighted by pterodactyls, tyrannosauruses, mammoths and saber-tooth tigers in addition to sculptural compositions that reproduce scenes of Homo Erectus and Cro-Magnon humans.

Like a gift from nature, the unique green valley surrounded by mountains makes this a perfect setting with artificial lakes and fabulous installations that allow visitors to enjoy a pleasant outing.

The cozy restaurant in a cavern, whose walls are reproductions of cave paintings, sends us on a journey back through time.  But there’s also an outdoor terrace with panoramic views of huge elephants and a stampede of wild horses, images that could easily inspire a very good photo.

Families, groups of friends or couples choose this site as an attractive day-trip destination.  Without meaning to engage in marketing with this photo report, I encourage those who visit Cuba not miss a chance to reconnect with this primitive age.

In an area of ??approximately one square kilometer, the work of its creators and the affable treatment afforded by the friendly staff that works there add to the reasons why people always recommend a visit to the Prehistoric Valley.

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