So, What Really Happened in Cuba on July 11th? (video)

HAVANA TIMES – The following video gives us an expert’s view of the events that took place on July 11th in Cuba. Julio Antonio Fernandez, a regular on the El Toque platforms, brings us many of the causes and effects of the first mass protests in Cuba in well over 60 years.

The video has subtitles in English thanks to El Toque’s desire to reach out to non-Spanish viewers. This is a don’t miss for people trying better understand the complicated Cuban reality.

To see the video with English subtitles just click on: Ver en You Tube.

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One thought on “So, What Really Happened in Cuba on July 11th? (video)

  • “….the complicated Cuban reality”? There is nothing complicated about what is going on in Cuba. The Castro dictatorship, in a last gasp effort to remain in control, is doing nearly every wrong that would move Cuba forward. It’s as simple as that.

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