The Excluded Cubans: Used by the CIA Unwanted by the USA

Fernando Ravsberg*

Cuban officials claim that even today infiltrators come from Miami to commit violent acts on the island.

HAVANA TIMES — The arrest of four infiltrated anti-Castro militants from Miami, sent to attack military units, highlights the situation of some 20 Cuban-Americans, who upon leaving prison in Cuba are considered unwelcome by Washington.

One is Thomas Ramos, old anti-Castro militant, whose history includes several infiltrations into Cuba and long prison sentences. “I came to rouse military units and promote a coup. In Miami I was assured that they had contact with officiers from Cuba willing to rebel.”

He worked coordinated with a CIA officer who promised him US citizenship. However, he was arrested and when he came out of prison 18 years later, things had changed so much that the US Interests Section in Havana denied him a visa to return to the USA on the grounds that he has a violent past.

Tomas Ramos wants his case reviewed by Washington. He says he did not kill anyone or commit any terrorist acts.

“The young woman who received me knew nothing of the history of Cubans, she was plain stupid. I explained that before we were all operatives and that I was sent here by Colonel Frank Sturgis of the CIA,” Thomas said.

We contacted the US Interests Section (USIS) in Havana to ask about the situation of these excluded Cuban-Americans who were denied a visa, but got no response from the diplomats.

CIA Colonel Frank Sturgis, who coordinated the actions of Ramos, was also involved in the Watergate scandal.

“I understand that Americans are entitled to accept whoever they want and that politics is dirty but when I was denied entry to the US I felt disappointed and betrayed,” said Ramos, adding that his mother is alone in a nursing home in Miami.

He doesn’t understand the new policy from Washington because, “I’m an anti-communist and I believe that anything done against communism is legal. Also, I didn’t kill anyone, so there are no grounds to say I’m a terrorist and therefore cannot enter the US.”

“I came here to look for ways to produce a coup to overthrow communism. My last mission included a plan to destroy the communications tower atop the Habana Libre Hotel to remove the interference that prevents the reception of TV Marti,” he said.

Cuba put behind bars the suspected terrorists infiltrated from Florida.

For those plans he was trained in the Florida Everglades, in the camps of the Partido de Unidad Nacional Democrática  party. He recalls that “Colonel Frank Sturgis was very human and true to his work, he helped me with a little money and I helped him.”

“I only regret that he [Sturgis] died because if he were alive I would not be in Cuba, but next to my mother. Neither the CIA nor the US government sent me, but I wanted to come and Sturgis assured me that when I returned I would immediately be given citizenship.”

Regarding the recently captured Cuban Americans Ramos said, “They are four fools that someone used. Infiltrating Cuba today is stupidity, sending people to the slaughter. I learned that the Communists become strong when they are attacked militarily.”

24 thoughts on “The Excluded Cubans: Used by the CIA Unwanted by the USA

  • Anyhting including death is okay with me TRAITORS must never be forgiven or accepted

  • The USA never trained or supported Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, the Taliban or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Off the top of my head? Bolivia, Uruguay, Belize, Suriname, Guyana, and Peru? US hegemony in our hemisphere is a mixed blessing. Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Panama have certainly benefitted from their close ties to the US. What would Puerto Rico become without its ties to the US? I am suggesting that it is not all bad to be friends with the US.

  • Lol, I do? Can you accept the challenge and list the countries in Latin America never invaded, occupied or otherwise politically destabilized by the US?

    That said, I agree with your second point, except that I think that “enemy of my enemy is my friend” is utter BS and the results of said policy in foreign relations is disastrous. Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, the Taleban, Iran… the list is long and contains all major external threats the US has been facing in the last 20 years or so. All former “friends” trained and supported by the US at some point in time.

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