The Magic of Puddles

By Irina Echarry, Photos: Caridad

The Magic of Puddles
The Magic of Puddles

HAVANA TIMES, January 9 – Water has always been an inspiration for art.  It’s the substance that cleans and purifies the wrongs of the world in legends and popular song.

In Havana, though, it isn’t always as crystalline as we’d like.  Water runs in the streets, parks and gardens to form puddles and very few of us contemplate them.

Drops leaking from corroded pipes; smelly bubbles that percolate from uncovered manholes; or simply rain accumulated in the potholes of the streets.

Puddles are also a creative source before the discerning eye of the photographer.  From them come flowers that float above whatever grime, children’s feet splashing joyfully, plants born in unexpected places.

Everything is found by the photographer with only an attentive gaze at the puddles of her city. It is good exercise for the soul: finding beauty in what’s filthy.

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  • What a beautiful collection of pictures. Absolutely marvellous. I only wish that I could do as well.

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