The Nicaraguan Government Warns its Adversaries

HAVANA TIMES – The government of Nicaragua has issued a new proclamation, openly threatening those who oppose their reign and policies. In the most recent attack on their opponents the sole voice of the government – first lady and vice president Rosario Murillo, characterized the past year and a half of civic resistance:

“The tragic spectacle of last year, when savage capitalists, atheists, abortionists and anti-Family characters in a Satanic alliance, wanted to put an end to our Values and our Ways of Life.”

Below is the complete text of the proclamation. It should give you a good understanding of where Murillo, Ortega and their government are coming from.

Rosario Murillo.  Photo:

Proclamation: Don’t Play with the Peace

Council of Communication and Citizenship

We Christian Families of this Blessed, Generous and Forever Free Nicaragua proclaim out loud, in a way that demands to be heard: DON’T PLAY WITH THE PEACE!

We Christian Families of this Blessed, in Solidarity, and Forever Free Nicaragua pronounce ourselves indignantly before the new manipulation from known Religious Sectors that in the painful 2018 led, together with well-known agents of Savage Capitalism, together with atheist, abortionist and denatured Movements, an intent at a Coup d’Etat, in which crimes of hate were committed, kidnappings, tortures, roadblocking and dividing the Country and Public and destroying Private Property in an infamous human devastation and of the National Economy.

We Christian Families of this Blessed and Forever Free Nicaragua pronounce ourselves in total rejection and repudiation of those sectors that have manipulated and manipulate God’s Word in a Believing and Devoted Country in order to continue attacking besieging and harassing the good, humble and hard-working Majorities in Nicaragua who are committed to the Faith, Harmony, Security, Good and Worthwhile Work and Well-Being.

We Christian Families of this Blessed, Generous and Forever Free Nicaragua proclaim in a loud voice that demands to be heard: DON’T PLAY WITH THE PEACE much less in the Name of that God who loves us all and who orders us to love each other as Neighbors, to care for each other, to respect each other and to recognize that We All Have Rights and All are People of God.  Because We’re All People of God!

Therefore, we reject, the cruel and unprecedented division between Christians that these sectors promote and bless.

We Christian Families of this Blessed and Forever Free Nicaragua have grown up in Values, Homes, and Communities with Christ in the Heart, with Good Customs and we don’t understand  nor do we accept that Sectors tied to the attempt at a Coup d’Etat that we suffered and defeated last year, should continue with their perverse zeal to divide us and alter the Peace and the Good.

We understand still less that those who say they speak in the Name of Faith, united to recognized godless, promotors of a culture foreign to Family Life propose to continue manipulation of our Beliefs, laying a trap for the Coexistence, Reconciliation and the Dignity of All, with maleficent, egotistical, empty and hate-filled speeches and actions. They who know nothing of the difficulties of the Poverty in which they’ve historically sunk Nicaragua with their unworthy and bloodied last names.

It’s unpardonable that in these Day of Purisimas and  Christmas, of Family Festivities, those repugnant wolves, already beaten by the Gigantic Love of the People, should distill more hatred and they want to tear away the Joy and the Right to enjoyment with Humility and Simplicity of our Good Life with our Traditions, in our Homes and Devout Families, where we hold every achievement of our Valiant People who deserve the best.

We proclaim: DON’T PLAY WITH THE PEACE! We advance in the Powerful Name of Jesus and from our Values, Ideals and Principles of Christian Families we care for our Patrimony, our Culture of Affection, of Life, of Respectful Relationships and of Common Good.

We’ve learned and we emphatically declare: DON”T PLAY WITH THE PEACE!  PEACE IS THE ROAD!  The Love between Brothers and Sisters, between Families, is stronger than the Hate with which they’ve murdered and destroyed the Good Directions that we were bringing and that Thanks to God we’re recovering.

In the Name of God, we declare, we ratify that these manipulators Couldn’t, And Won’t be Able to! Before any attempt to continue undermining the Good Faith, the Good Heart, the Fraternity and the Best Sentiments, a Valiant People rises up with Joy and Trust and demands and merits To Live in Tranquility, in Family, in Faith, in Community.

We urge those manipulated Religious Sectors that they fulfill their Pastoral Role, according to the mandates of the Holy Father Pope Francis. We urge them to abandon Roads that seed hatred, separation and division and we urge them to accompany with Conviction, as they’re meant to, Roads of Hope, or Reconciliation and of Unity for All for the Good of All.

Those Religious Sectors have the historic opportunity to reclaim their Pastoral Function, to Promote a Life in Christian Values and in Family and Community Union. The Churches should opt for Social Justice, for the Poor so that they stop being Poor, leaving behind the ignominious and tragic spectacle of last year, when savage capitalists, atheists and anti-Family characters, in Satanic alliance, wanted to put an end to our Values and our Ways of Life.

We want to transcend those traumas that they left us. We wat the Churches to recover the trust of our People, accompanying those excluded and written off by that atrocious and savage Capitalism that the Holy See has denounced. Because in our Christian Nicaragua in Solidarity, the Poor are the essential Protagonists of Justice. Here Egoism and Greed have no place!

Christmas for the Good Work, for the Peace, for Family, Harmony, and the Joy of Being Reborn, in Love and Trust as Real Christians.

We are all the People of God!

We have Hope!

Managua, Nicaragua, Blessed, Always Free!

November 19, 2019

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3 thoughts on “The Nicaraguan Government Warns its Adversaries

  • On a more serious note, invoking religion in support of ones personal political ambitions is both hypocritical and demeaning. Who is Rosario to accuse others of forming a “Satanic alliance”? The Devil knows his own!

  • Why was it that when I looked at the photograph of Rosario, my mind turned to decorating the Christmas tree?

  • Does anybody know what happened to Rosario’s eyebrows? What an ugly woman! And her proclamation reads like The Mouse That Roared. She should have asked for help from her husband, Daniel. But maybe he was just too busy raping his daughter???

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