The Story of Deported Nicaraguan Asylum Seekers (Podcast)

Foto: TN8

HAVANA TIMES – “When they stopped the first time and then continued the trip, my wife told me: “Oh, look, there’s some signs, street signs that say ‘Airport,’ ‘Brownsville.’” Then we realized – Oh my God, we’re going to the airport, we’re going back to Nicaragua.”

These are the words of Nicaraguan dissident Moises, on the NPR radio program “This American Life”.  Moises, his wife and his eight-year-old daughter fled to the US with full documentation of his torture and persecution. They asked for political asylum. What comes next is truly outrageous, even for a country and a presidency that has made cruelty a trademark.

For those that don’t know it, “This American Life” is a one-hour program that presents an intimate look at incidents that reflect life in the US.  Generally, it’s funny and thought-provoking. They’ve done some groundbreaking programs on social issues, but it’s not a show you think of as “political.”

This segment, though, is a damning look at the treachery of the system, the hypocrisy of people like Ted Cruz. His words: “To the people of Nicaragua, the American people stand with you in your fight for freedom and for the rule of law. To the half million protesters who risked your lives, I say… Thank you for your courage.” 

What happened to Moises, Jessica and Camila went uncontested and unnoticed by Cruz and by most Americans.