Three Little Kings

Irina Echarry, photos: Caridad

Cuban children
Cuban children

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 6 – The Havana Times team wanted to give a gift to each child, not only in Cuba but to those around the whole world.

Obviously though, it’s beyond our means to give away toys, even those that educate a lot and are also a lot of fun like the Chinese Sticks or Scrabble.

Neither do we have the wisdom needed to give a good piece of advice to every child who stumbles upon our site.

But what would happen today, the Day of the Three Wise Men , if one of them did enter Havana Times?

Hopefully that will happen, because then the child will find a gift we have for them – boys and girls of all Cuba  with their magic and smiles and even their pranks that we will continue applauding because there is no better age to do them.

This is nothing serious, nothing profound, because we have enough of those things to deal with in our daily lives.  Instead here’s  a little joy for those that still refuse to grow up, for those that still want to see the world with astonished eyes.

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  • For me perpetrating a lie WORLDWIDE is a sin. For me telling ther truth especially to the children is always best..As to the 3 wise men..Telling the truth such as we as adults know it is always best..Or say nothing/

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