US Diplomats Hold Yard Sales Before Leaving Cuba

By German Piniella  (Progreso Semanal)

Yard sale at a US diplomat’s residence. Foto: Amelia Rodríguez

HAVANA TIMES — There was a huge commotion. “The Yanks are leaving!” This is what many people were saying who, God knows how, found out when the Mister who isn’t needed at the embassy anymore is going to return to the USA.

With his quick return home comes the diplomat’s concern for his excess baggage, or the things that he doesn’t need around the house, or that getting health documents are going to be too much of a pain to take the dog.

Therefore, the best thing to do would be to import a tradition from the US – well, it isn’t a completely new discovery because there are already some Cubans who have done this before them. Let’s have a garage sale!

It’s the solution when you want to get rid of things cheaply so that people can take all of your useless and out-dated things in one day. So let’s liquidate our belongings, except for the clothes on our back, even the dog, with the exception of some cigars and bottles of rum that you normally have and one of those funny souvenirs that some mass-producing craftsmen make (dolls dressed up as Orichas and some plaster decorations, the really typical kind).

Anyway, getting back to the story, God knows how but there are people who have found out that there’s a Mr. who is going to have his garage sale and people will turn up in front of his house, where the US diplomat has even put a security guard from the embassy to keep order, so they don’t stampede over him when he opens up shop.

I didn’t find out from any rumor or announcement, I was just going to the neighborhood kiosk with my wife when I came across the line in front of the diplomat’s home in the Atabey neighborhood, the same diplomat that I used to see walk right by my house every afternoon calmly walking his dog (the same one we don’t know if it’s also for sale), the former not showing the slightest symptom of having suffered a “sonic attack”.

I must confess that I was curious to see what he was going to sell (damn, maybe he’s going to sell the Scottish whisky – not the Brazilian fake version – cheaper than in the store), but nobody knows what time the diplomat’s store is going to open and people kept gathering (on foot, motorcycles and in cars too) while my wife took some photos on her cell phone. I didn’t wait  for the Yank to open up his business. I will find out later how it went and whether some inspector from the ONAT (tax office) came along to ask him if he had a license. Will they demand that he pay tax on the things he’s selling before he leaves forever?

20 thoughts on “US Diplomats Hold Yard Sales Before Leaving Cuba

  • Oh, Nick. You pathetic tool . . .
    You do understand yank is a nasty insult in all communist countries, right? Like “limey wanker.” Sad when you can’t tell the difference between humor and slander.

  • Different country. Different time. One can only pray that the same mistakes made in Vietnam would not repeated elsewhere.

  • The Heroic people of Vietnam defeated the mighty USA with its well equipped army, with its air force raining down napalm bombs on innocent children, with its ships and submarines shelling the combatants from off shore November 1, 1955-April 30, 1975 and with the TET Offensive 31st January, 1968 when a whole village was razed to the ground; men women, children, old men, old women, animals were murdered, slaughtered and butchered.The Great Defender and Champion of Human Rights in today’s Deceptive World?

    Once a people are determined to rid themselves of their oppressors, no force on earth can deter them from achieving that Liberty, that Freedom. The people of Cuba defeated the Batista army which was armed, financed and supported by the HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTOR the mighty USA. The Cubans were armed with machettes and outdated weapons, yet, they defeated the Batita army and air-force in 1959.

    They turned around and defeated the USA and its minnions at the Bay of Pigs invasion 17th April, 1961. The Cubans again, were only armed with machettes and out dated weaponry, yet, they defeated the Yankee Imperialist army and navy.. Lord Denning, one of England’s greatest Jurist said and I quote, “Liberty will not descend to a people. A people must raise themselves to liberty. It is a BLESSING which must be earned before it can be enjoyed. End of quote. Brother Patterson, I hope that I have replied correctly to you question..It is the people’s determination; the people’s will:

  • Wow.
    I think the article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.
    So when did you have your sense of humour bypass operation?
    And is it now politically incorrect to say ‘yank’?

  • I don’t know if its been reported in Cuba but the NYTimes has run two recent stories where scientists who specialize in audio research say that the idea that American diplomats were targeted with a sonic weapon is ‘highly unlikely.”

    They go on to say that while nausea and slight headaches did occur with subjects under some laboratory conditions, the symptoms quickly went away and the sound wave intensity is deflected by walls and other solid surfaces.

    It’s not clear what did affect these diplomats, but there is no scientific basis for it being caused by sonic waves.

    This is beginning to look more and more like a manufactured pretext to change policy toward Cuba. To carry it out Cuba has to be the aggressor attacking innocent American personnel so that the Trump administration can be seen as simply responding to this act.

    If this is the case, Cuba can expect more dirty tricks to dissuade Americans from traveling to the island. I for one am already planning my trip in solidarity.

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