Valentine’s Day in Havana, Cuba

Photo Feature by Caridad*

HAVANA TIMES -Havana is a city with a little of everything. Valentine’s Day 2009 arrived and once again the streets fill with real flowers wrapped in cellophane and artificial ones of all types, set in glass, and made of plastic and paper; in the hands of men, women and children, and sellers taking advantage of the occasion.

Valentine’s Day 2009 in Havana

It’s a day when virtually everyone leaves their homes to trap up to the last molecules of love to be breathed in the atmosphere.

Everyone expresses their particular way of loving: men and women, women and women, men, women and daughters, mothers and sons, people and pets, there’s some for all.

Valentine’s Day 2009 in Havana
Valentine’s Day 2009 in Havana
Valentine’s Day 2009 in Havana

In Havana, nobody goes without a little, at least on this day, because even the lonely feel accompanied amid so many signs of love.

(*) Note: This photo feature was published during the first year of Havana Times and since today we have many times the number of readers we decided to republish.  Hope you enjoy.

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