Waiting in Line in Havana Behind 600 others to Buy Pork

People in line to buy pork in Havana. (14ymedio)

“The truth is that we don’t know if we are going to get to the counter before Friday”

By Juan Diego Rodriguez (14ymedio)

HAVANA TIMES – Yuleidi was thinking about going to a concert on Friday December 23 at Casa de la Obra Pia in Old Havana but it was cancelled for lack of an audience. When she pressed for more information, the explanation she got is one that has become common for many of the capital’s cultural events. Nobody is going to anything; everyone is waiting in line to buy pork.

This year, buying pork that the government has made available for the holiday season is harder that ever.

There are complaints that, in some cases, the pork being sold looks bad and smells worse. As though that were not bad enough, a whole cut costs thousands of pesos, the lines to buy it are slow and the holidays are only a few days away.

Silvia, Xiomara and Maria Eugenia — neighbors from the Revolution Plaza district — told 14ymedio that they had banded together to split a whole cut of pork, which is priced at 7,500 pesos (between US $43 and $63 depending on the exchange rate). They are still waiting.

When contacted a few days ago, they thought it would soon be their turn. There were only eighty people ahead of them. The meat went on sale on Wednesday.

As of today however, there were inexplicably 600 people ahead of them. “We don’t really know if we’ll get to the sales counter before Friday,” says Maria Eugenia.

Pork lines are also becoming scenes of violence. More than a few social media posts describe physical altercations among people who have grown impatient and irritable from the long wait.

In other neighborhoods, such as Arroyo Naranjo, residents have set up makeshift camps outside butcher shops in hopes of getting a cut of meat. It is widely known that there is not enough for every household in the city to get its rationed share. Photos shared on social media show some people wrapped in blankets or drinking rum to keep warm in the cool early morning hours of December.

Silvia and her friends are seriously considering buying someone else’s place in line to speed up the wait time, which lasts a week. For 1,000 pesos they could reach the front by Thursday morning but they have to decide soon because prices for a good spot are expected to rise as Christmas Eve approaches.

Maria Eugenia has her doubts about making such an investment. Her son, who lives in Miami, has promised her a pork roast from Brazil, which can be purchased from any number of digital markets which markets to the island.  “I don’t want him spending the money, which he needs for other things, but I cannot deal with this line anymore,” she says.

Meals at home are one option for those with relatives overseas. “A case of beer, a leg and sides for 250 dollars, with delivery [by December 24],” reads an advertisement published by a privately owned Havana business. When asked about the meat’s origin, the response by one employee is succinct: “Imported pork, nothing like the rationed stuff.”

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3 thoughts on “Waiting in Line in Havana Behind 600 others to Buy Pork

  • I am going to disagree with Olgasintamales (a rare occurrence). It has often been said that Fidel was able to stay in power because he found that ‘sweet’ spot where Cubans were forced to focus on what they were going to eat that day and therefore unable to allow themselves the luxury of concepts like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. The historical fact is that most revolutions around the world have been instigated by the middle class including the Cuban revolution. Fidel was an upper -middle class lawyer! Poor people have always been too oppressed to start the street protests. Once the middle class privileged class have decided that they have had enough with the Castros, and they instigate the resistance, only then will the Cubans standing in line to buy Christmas pork raise their voices against the Dictatorship.

  • The people need to rise up just like fidel done. Overthrow the government and I am sure countries would be queuing up to help the Cuban people if they do nothing they they will just continue to suffer forever while thousands leave for a better life elsewhere.

    So sad for such a beautiful county.

  • Exile, incarceration, or waiting in line so the masses have not time to think about the failure of the Cuban dictatorship and claim Freedom. The sad part is there is not fix for this the damage is so deep in every sector that Cubans would need after this nightmare 50 years to recover and I’m optimistic. Happy New Year everyone!

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