Weed and Paper to release La Peste (The plague)

By Mauricio Mendoza


HAVANA TIMES – In times of crisis and lockdown, when art is saving us from committing boredom-induced suicide; El Funky has taken advantage of the moment to release “La Peste” (The plague), the latest single from this hip hop artist, which has been introduced on digital platforms to infect every consumer of this genre with a genuine and native product.

The song had been in the works for a long time now, with JD ASERE – a young producer who has a fresh sound that is in touch with the times today’s music industry is living – and DJ Drew, who has been in the business a little longer and has the expertise to give the final mixing and mastering touches.

El Funky doesn’t want to be the pretentious rapper that paraphrases similes and metaphors to please an elitist audience. With a style that borders sarcasm, irony, and humor; La Peste is a song directed at listeners on the block with the necessary codes and offers them a different message.

It’s a polaroid of what an underground artist experiences on the street, who struggles to get ahead with their art and stands strong against the adversities that come with being a defender of a style that many people believe to be marginal and working-class.

In the song, he strongly criticizes the homogeneity present in hip-hop culture in Cuba right now, egging other artists to make different products.

He also speaks about love for the movement and the strength needed to make it great again, making it clear that the most important thing is to have firm convictions and to fight for them.

This artist represents the Cuban who likes to party and sets his music in Old Havana with the indecent remarks he uses in his poetry; while the Real Academia de la Lengua Espanola might have a problem with it, those of us who live the reality he raps about, thank him and support him so he doesn’t stop.


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