William, An Elderly Cuban Man Always in Motion

By Miguel Arias Sanchez

Now he does other peoples errand of buying tanks of gas and he has 10 clients.

HAVANA TIMES – William Mulet Garcia is 79 years old, and anyone might think he spends his days sitting down, watching TV and resting, but William belongs to a generation that can’t sit still.

HT: Where do you live? What did you study?

William Mulet Garcia: I’m from San Miguel del Padron, in Havana, I only studied to the 6th grade, dropped out of school and never stepped inside a classroom again. But I have never been lazy. I’ve liked working ever since I was little and I would look at what other people were doing, so I learned how to do everything. I could never give myself the luxury of going to school, it was like wasting time back then; I needed money to survive, to help out my family.

HT: What kind of trades did you learn? Do you still do them?

WMG: I’ve done everything in my lifetime, no matter how hard it’s been. I learned plumbing, bricklaying and carpentry. I also learned other useful things like basic electrics, etc. I know how to do everything around the house, and I know how to do it well. That also includes cooking, cleaning, etc. I worked as a builder for the State for many years, and now I do it freelance. Whenever somebody calls, I go. We used to have a really good popular saying in the past: if you learn something well, you never forget it, and you don’t need to go to school to learn it.

William fixing a sink.

HT: Are you limited by your age? You have mentioned hard work, that requires a lot of physical energy. Doesn’t it pose a risk to your physical health?

WMG: Not at all, on the contrary, I can carry a block or put in a sink. I’m also a messenger, I have ten customers who I buy gas for. I carry a 20 kg barrel up to the first or fifth floor. Nothing stops me. I have always been a working man and the body gets used to the pace you set it, which is quite tough in my case, and I still feel good.

HT: There are many aging people in Cuba who can’t get by on their pensions. Do you live alone?

WMG: Yes, my wife passed away years ago, we had three children: a girl who also passed away and two boys. We visit and talk to each other, but we all live on our own and have our own families, life is very hard. So, even though they help me out, I carry on doing what I need to; pensions are very little so I can’t rest. When people get older, they fall back on their children a little and I don’t want to be a burden… as long as I am of some use, I’ll carry on struggling.

HT: You always wear a pair of olive green pants, were you in the military?

WMG: No. I was a militiaman in the early years of the Revolution and I was in the army, they wanted me to swear to serve to 25 years, but I didn’t. If I’m being honest, I did think about it for the salary and other benefits, but I don’t like to be ordered about, I want to be my own boss, decide my own steps forward. I recognize the good things the Revolution has done, people my age know this is real; and I also criticize what doesn’t sit well with me, I’m not blind. I have always been interested in being a decent man. My father used to tell me over and over again: don’t get mixed up in politics, it’s the dirtiest business out there, and everyone who does only does it to hold a position and have a good life. And I’ve seen this with my own two eyes over the years.


HT: So, what are your political beliefs?

WMG: I already told you: work, work and work, have 20 pesos in your wallet, not depending on anyone and living an honest life. I see people sitting at home nowadays, or standing about on street corners, scamming others, lying to find their next meal. No, that isn’t right. I know young people who work hard and earn their living with their blood, sweat and tears, but many young people don’t share this spirit. It’s as if they were brought up thinking they deserve the moon, I don’t know.

HT: Is there any advice you would like to give to young people today?

WMG: Of course. To study as much as they can, as they will suffer a lot when they realize that they are being left behind, that people around them are getting ahead and you’re stuck in the same old. And yes, like in my own case, if they don’t like studying it doesn’t matter, they can be good workers, people who work hard and with a lot of sacrifice, being useful to society and themselves. This personal satisfaction is great compensation. So you can educate your children better, to be an example for the people around you. I don’t live in luxury but I live with my head held high.

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  • Cuba as an island it’s a very beautiful country.The comunist society created there is pulling the economy down.But the peoples are feeling proud and poor.On the other hand,all their history,cubans were slaves to some powerful nations.Spain or USA.The peoples society,communism,is collapsing around the world and the help is not available anymore.Its time for a change.

  • I’m studying in Cuba, adapting to this place and it’s conditions was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, the people are good here but like any other place, it has its dark places. Cubas are good, the sites are to die for, the sunsets are mesmerizing.

  • We are from the US, are fluent in Spanish and have traveled extensively throughout the world. We just returned from our second long trip to Cuba and loved our experiences. We booked on Airbnb, traveled with Viazul buses, talked and talked all day with Cubans from all walks if life. We had great food, found plenty of places with WiFi and are eager to return!

  • Hi

    I just got back, i had a great time, lot people like William, taxis were good for me, food was exceptional great, lamb, fish.
    See the people behind William, they look great to me. Im 70years old.
    The people there got along, dogs in road
    Ok with me. Lot art. We had some internet, actually glad to get away from it, as your attached to you dont know who. Poverty
    If there is and happiness is ok.


  • Cuba is one of my favourite places to visit. The people are poor but always willing to give the best of what they have. It is very safe to travel across the country. The beaches are some of the nicest in the world, the weather is fantastic and the history, and I especially enjoyed the architecture in Havana & the Christopher Columbus Cemetery.

  • I have been to cuba there is poverty all over the island not a good place to visit unless you like to suffer no internet at all 24/7 no phone service food very poor quality & taxi service no good & very expensive if you like struggle for basic things.

  • That’s a man that’s right with himself.

  • God Bless Garcia
    Dios Bendiga a Garcia ?

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