Chavez’s Condition ‘Very Encouraging’

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro and the vice president of the Council of Ministers, Rafael Ramirez, arrived in Cuba on Wednesday, reported the Prensa Latina.

The officials were welcomed at the Jose Marti International Airport in this capital by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and Venezuelan Attorney General Cilia Flores.

According to Cubaencuentro, several signs indicate real recovery and the possible return of Chavez. These include a report by the Venezuelan Minister of Science and Technology describing his condition as “very encouraging”; a statement by Chavez’s younger brother, Argenis, which ensured that the president would return “in the coming days”; and comments by Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday, when he said, “Hugo Chavez is now in physical therapy so that he can return to his country.”

3 thoughts on “Chavez’s Condition ‘Very Encouraging’

  • Good news!

  • If this and other recent reports of Chavez’ improving health prove to have been just lies and misinformation, this will have to rank near the top of the list of the modern world’s greatest deceptions. The top of the list is comfortably held by the Bush administration and the threat of WMDs in Iraq. But this one would be close. Still, I have heard no reports this time about Chavez being free from cancer. His previous surgeries always boasted that he was cancer-free. Are we to assume that he will ultimately survive the 6-hour surgery and subsequent respiratory crisis only to ultimately succumb to the original cancer? Call me skeptical, but I will believe he is getting better when I see Chavez himself say so.

  • Not one new video image or photograph of Chavez in six weeks. If such existed, the authorities would release it. There is no verifiable evidence that Chavez is alive.

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