Fidel Castro Predicts Chavez Victory in Upcoming Elections

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez said that Fidel Castro predicts a “historic victory” for his re-election effort in the upcoming elections, reported the AFP.

“Inspired people who massively support and respect your instructions deserve the historic victory that awaits them on October 7 – without triumphalism, as you constantly warn,” said former Cuban president a letter received by Chavez’s and read publically.

The South American leader is seeking re-election in a campaign in which he is facing the former governor and opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski.

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  • hugo chavez is a lot smarter than his enemies give him credit for. some dislike the man and his style but he is not a fool. it is wishful thinking to believe that those that you don´t like will go away.

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