Gaza Ceasefire: What Led Israel to Stop the Assault and What Comes Next? (Video)

After 1800+ Dead

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HAVANA TIMES – After a nearly month-long assault that left at least 1,865 Palestinians dead, Israel has pulled its ground forces from the Gaza Strip under the 72-hour ceasefire that went into effect earlier today. Israeli and Palestinian factions have agreed to attend talks in Cairo on a longer-term agreement. Gaza officials say the vast majority of Palestinian victims were civilians in the Israeli offensive that began on July 8.

Israel says 64 of its soldiers and three civilians have been killed. Palestinians are returning to homes and neighborhoods that have seen a massive amount of destruction. Nearly a quarter of Gaza’s 1.8 million resident were displaced during the fighting which destroyed more than 3,000 homes.

The ceasefire was reached after international outrage over Palestinian civilian deaths peaked, with even Israel’s chief backer, the United States, criticizing recent Israeli shellings of United Nations shelters that killed scores of displaced Palestinians. To discuss the lead-up to the ceasefire and what to expect from the talks in Cairo, we are joined by author and scholar Norman Finkelstein.

6 thoughts on “Gaza Ceasefire: What Led Israel to Stop the Assault and What Comes Next? (Video)

  • Hamas does this on purpose. Journalists who have left Gaza report missiles fir d from hospitals and schools and even firing them next to journalists reporting. Deal journalists aids their propaganda war. Their tunnels are for the purpose of killing civilians. Gaza can be a paradise once the people rid their land of Hamas and let Abbas govern. Hamas killed hundreds of children building tunnels, kills anyone with opposing viewpoints so there is no defense of these terrorists.

  • How did Israel start the war unilaterally when they were being fired at by missiles. There is plenty of blame on both sides.

  • If as you say, Hamas doesn’t have an army, then it must be the civilians who are firing the rockets. If Hamas doesn’t have an army. it must be cvilians from Gaza and the West Bank who are fighting for Bashar Asad in Syria.
    Hamas has always in one regard been honest in openly opposing the right of Israel to exist. In doing so it is in opposition to the United Nations and ALL the nations which voted to establish Isreal in 1948. Who established and built Jerusalem? Islamic extremists are an increasingly dangerous force for the world at large. Not all muslims are terrorists, but how many terrorists are muslims? The Palestinian people cannot agree upon common pollicy, that weakness is not the fault of others.
    Netanyahu and his party have exacerbated many of the problems in what they see as a fight to the death. If only one US President had had the political fortitude to tell Israel that for each house built for Jewish settlers on the West Bank, the US would reduce its financial support of Israel by $2 million each year!
    Cuba bears its share of responsibility for its military support of Syria and Bashar Asad when he launched the Yum Kippur war. They chose the losing side.

  • And I presume they also used schools and hospital as missile lauch sites?
    And the fact that the hospitals are full of people and schools are full of kids, doesn’t stop you?
    What are you, animals?
    There are no excuses to bomb a place where you know there are children!
    How can you even defend killing of innocent people? There are 1400 civilians dead in Palestine and 64 Israeli soldiers are dead.
    Palestine doesn’t even have an army.
    How can you have such short memory? You are doing to them what Hitler was doing to you!
    Israel is a terrorist nation.

  • The war was started by Hamas when they began launching hundreds of rockets at Israel. Israel responded to the rocket fire after repeated demands to stop targeting Israeli civilians were ignored by Hamas.

    Hamas stored weapons in mosques and used mosques as launch sites for their rockets. Hamas gunmen fired from mosques. Entrances to tunnels leading under the border to Israel were found in the basements of mosques. All of these actions by Hamas as recognized war crimes.

  • On Friday, Netanyahu met his war cabinet. After 5-hour deliberation, they decided not to attend Cairo Ceasefire Forum arranged by their brotherly ‘criminals-in-arms’, American John Kerry and Egyptian military dictator Gen. Sisi – both Crypto Jews. They also decided to call-off further Israeli military aggression in Gaza. In other words, the situation in Israeli occupied Palestinian territories (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) will stay same as were before Israel “Unilaterally” invaded Gaza Strip 26 days ago.

    The Zionist regime has called its decision “Unilateral Stop of War”. What a “catchy” tile, don’t you think so? A war which was started by Israel “unilaterally” is now being stopped “unilaterally” by Israel.

    However, on the night the Zionist regime decided to cease its military actions in Gaza “unilaterally”, Jewish army destroyed five mosques. The photo below by APF, shows damaged Holy Qur’an being saved from one of the mosques.

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