Putin Detours to Nicaragua after Cuba

Putin in Managua on the evening of July 12, 2014.  Photo: Nicaraguan presidency/END

On route to Argentina and Brazil

HAVANA TIMES — After leaving Cuba on Friday headed to Argentina, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to change his publicised flight plan and landed for a surprise two-hour layover in, Nicaragua. He met with his counterpart Daniel Ortega as part of a tour of several Latin American countries, officials said.

Putin arrived in Managua at the end of the afternoon (local time) on Friday and was received at the “Sandino” Airport by Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, as well as their son, Laureano Ortega, director of the state investment agency ProNicaragua, reported dpa news.

Subsequently he held a meeting with Ortega and other government officials, including army chief, Gen. Julio Cesar Aviles, and the director of the National Police, Aminta Granera, reported state television.

“This is a historic visit, it’s like lightning, lightning, it’s the first time a Russian president visits Nicaragua,” Ortega said of the arrival of the Russian delegation, the government press described as “surprising”.

“We are excited to have him here on this land, his land. We are mutually committed in the struggle for peace and against poverty, for the wellbeing of our peoples, in the fight against drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism, “he said.

The Russian president said that Nicaragua “is a very important partner” but added that “we have much to do to further develop our relations, especially in the economic sector.”

Putin’s surprise arrival fueled unconfirmed rumors that Russia is somehow acting as a silent partner in the canal concession Nicaragua granted to an unknown Chinese company. The owner of that concession, enigmatic Chinese businessman Wang Jing, was in Nicaragua this week to announce the route of the canal, noted the Nicaragua Dispatch.

Putin began a six-day Latin American tour early Friday in Cuba, which continued in Argentina on Saturday and Sunday in Brazil.

In Havana, Putin met with President Raul Castro and his brother, Fidel Castro, with whom he celebrated the creation of “new conditions” for bilateral ties between the two nations.

In Buenos Aires, Putin met with President Cristina Fernandez and Brazil will participate in the summit of the emerging group of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) on July 15 and 16.

On Sunday the Russian president will attend the World Cup final match between Argentina and Germany in Rio de Janeiro. The event takes on special interest for Putin as Russia will host the 2018 World Cup.

8 thoughts on “Putin Detours to Nicaragua after Cuba

  • Griffin, your insistance on negative overkill even turns off people who agree with what you are saying on a given point or subject. Few people like being hit on the head with a sledgehammer. As you well know, neither the “international left” you dispise or the born again right you adore have a monopoly on honesty and good morals. I imagine you won’t understand (or agree with) what I’m talking about but here’s trying. John does the same thing when he goes on his scratched record mode in the opposite and other directions.

  • The report linked was from a few years ago, hence the reference to Lugo.

    What it has to do with Putin is this: the Russian leader, like the international Left, care nothing about the immorality and criminality of their allies, only that their mutual interests are served.

    Anytime Ortega is mentioned I will post the fact that he has been accuse of child molestation and rape by his step-daughter, and that the international Left ignores it.

  • Griffin, Lugo hasn’t been the president of Paraguay for over two years now. Likewise, even though the sexual abuse charge against Ortega is very well documented, what does it have to do with Putin’s visit to Nicaragua?

  • Ortega is a creep.

    The adoptive daughter of President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua has accused him of sexually abusing her for 20 years, and one of Paraguay’s cabinet ministers Lugo’s ministers, Gladys Rubin the Minister of Women, has joined in the chorus.

    Zoilamérica Narváez claims that Ortega is “a rapist, an abuser”, and abused her from 1978 to February of 1998. In 1978, Narváez was just eleven years old. In her words;

    “I affirm that I was sexually abused by Daniel Ortega Saavedra from the age of 11 years. …I have had to go down a painful and debilitating road to be able to interpret and understand myself, the consequences and the sequence of the systematic and savage practices that were committed against me from 1978 to February 1998…..Reporting this chain of events has not been easy for me, I have had to conquer fatalism and fear to answer questions that come from the deepest part of me, such as “Why did this have to happen to me?”, “What did I do to deserve the life I’ve had?”


  • Birds of a feather flock together. Those coloured by the Communist/socialist dictatorship feathers including Kim Jung Un, Bashar Asad, Xi, the Castro Ruz brothers, Maduro, Ortega, Mugabe etc. will obviously meet to exchange views upon how to manipulate and control their particular “masses”. That’s not new, but in Russia’s case Putin has to re-establish the structure of the failed communist USSR empire the death of which released over a dozen nations from captivity. His illegal (I refer you to the United Nations Charter) annexation of the Crimea, part of Ukraine and subsequent supply of mercenaries to create a terorist war in eastern Ukraine is indicative of his empire building ambitions. A naval base in Cuba and involvement in an air base in Argentina to allow him to meddle in Antarctica. So yes, the vultures listed will get together and those opposed to individual human liberty will be overjoyed.

  • There can now be little doubt of Putin’s ambition to reconstruct the Soviet type socialist empire along with satellites. With a potential naval base in Cuba and air base in the Argentine to ensure Russian involvement in the Antarctic his purpose is clear.
    Putin has however some uncontrollable problems within his own country. A population now declined to only 140 million, a high rate of inflation (but nowhere near that of Venezuela or Zimbabwe – both of which are economic basket cases) a very low expectancy of life for males (only 63.3 years) largely due to alcoholism and smoking and a GDP OF $1,480 bn giving a GDP per head of $10,440. This compares for example with Canada having a GDP of $1,577 bn giving a GDP per head of $46,210. But unlike Canada a poorer Russia under Putin seeks to effectively find means to control other countries. Nothing has changed about the nature of the Russian bear.

  • Kaveh, I couldn’t agree more though I’m sure there are some who aren’t too pleased.

  • It is good news that old allies are establishing new alliances.

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