Venezuela Suspends Dialogue with US

Elias Jaua. photo/archive:

HAVANA TIMES — Speaking today, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said that for the moment that country’s communications channel for improving relations with the United States remain suspended. The talks were taking place after a series of clashes between two countries that took place during the administration of the late President Hugo Chavez.

Jaua said the suspension of the dialogue, which began last year, was more recently triggered by statements by Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson, who called for free and fair elections in the April 14 voting to fill the void left by the death of Chavez.

The foreign minister commented, “Hopefully there will be a correction and the cessation of US interference… All diplomatic and consular relations are being maintained.”

He noted that talks with Washington were the responsibility of Venezuela’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Roy Chaderton, who had held talks with Jacobson since November, though such contacts now remain suspended.

Jaua stressed that the transition through which Venezuela is advancing is aimed at socialism, which was promoted by the Bolivarian Revolution led by Chavez.

“In Venezuela there’s no transition other than the transition to socialism,” he said at a ceremony to recognize Venezuelan diplomats Victor Camacaro Mata and Orlando Montañez, who were expelled from the United States in response to actions taken by Caracas recently in kicking two US military attaches out of the country after alleging their involvement in conspiratorial activities.

Jaua said that though Washington is “betting” on a scenario of instability in Venezuela, the interim government is taking measures to ensure peace in the country.

Relations between Venezuela and the United States are at the reduced level of charges d’affaires due to diplomatic friction during the Chavez administration.


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  • So what? This is just a campaign ploy to puff out their chest and appear tough.

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