Venezulean President Maduro Offers US Proof of Alleged Assassination Plot

Nicolas Maduro.  Photo/archive:
Nicolas Maduro. Photo/archive:

HAVANA TIMES — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared on Tuesday that he can offer proof implicating US government officials in a plot to assassinate him, of which several leaders of Venezuela’s opposition have been accused, DPA reported.

Maduro stated that Foreign Minister Elias Jaua will be publicly condemning this conspiracy at the coming assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), to be held in Paraguay this week.

He affirmed the government has proof that US government officials were involved in the alleged plan to assassinate him.

“We can provide the State Department with the evidence that implicate high-level officials in a plot to assassinate the president (of Venezuela),” Maduro declared in his radio program En contacto con Maduro (“In Contact With Maduro”).

The Venezuelan president repeated the accusations launched by his government last week, claiming that emails of former deputy Maria Corina Machado and those of other opposition leaders made mention of an assassination plan.

Caracas mayor Jorge Rodriguez divulged emails from Machado to several opposition leaders and the US ambassador in Colombia, Kevin Whitaker, allegedly asking the latter for help.

Maduro said that the government of the United States must explain why the names of some of its officials have come up in the investigations into the plot.

“My government is ready to produce the names of the officials implicated in the plots against Venezuela,” he stated.

Maduro declared that the opposition has trivialized these reports and went on to stress that an assessment of the validity of the proof will demonstrate its gravity.

“There are direct plans to assassinate the Venezuelan president. They are the product of hate and the despair of those who have thrown together a diabolical cocktail,” he affirmed.

In this connection, Maduro said that the secretary general of the opposition alliance Mesa de Unidad Democratica (MUD), Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, made the “worst mistake” of his political career on downplaying the importance of the report on the assassination plot.

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  • Oh well, the 44th Regular Session of the OAS General Assembly in Asuncion, Paraguay has concluded and there was no evidence presented supporting Maduro’s claims of a US-supported assassination plot. Is anyone surprised by this?

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