47 Hong Kong Activists Go on Trial for “Conspiring to Commit Subversion”

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Hong Kong, authorities have opened a trial for 47 pro-democracy activists and politicians accused of violating a sweeping national security law imposed in 2020. Sixteen of the activists have pleaded “not guilty” to the charges, which could see them sent to prison for life. Chinese authorities have accused the activists of “conspiring to commit subversion” by holding an unofficial primary election. This is Chan Po-ying, a longtime activist with the League of Social Democrats and spouse of a former legislator who’s among the 47 facing charges.

Chan Po-ying: “For the League of Social Democrats and many Hong Kong people, it would never have occurred to them that participating in the primaries and participating in the Legislative Council in a peaceful manner would be considered illegal means. We will wait and see what the prosecution side says the reasons are, but we think that participation in the primary election is not guilty. So we think this is a political repression, and all those arrested should be released.”

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