81 Stateless Nicaraguans Have Requested Spanish Citizenship

Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albares

The Spanish Foreign Minister confirms the number of applications and signs document that will allow them to obtain the Spanish citizenship by “naturalization certificate.”

By EFE / Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Albares, confirmed that the Spanish Government has received a citizenship request of 81 of the Nicaraguans stripped of their citizenship and expelled from the country by the regime of Daniel Ortega.

The number of requests is due to the offer of the Spanish government, extended to all persons affected so far, a total of 317 Nicaraguans, and who could be affected in the future by this “ignominious and vile” punishment.

Before leaving for Santo Domingo to participate in the 28th Ibero-American Summit, Albares signed the document that will allow stateless persons to obtain Spanish nationality “by naturalization certificate,” the fastest way to get it without the need to meet the requirements of origin, option or residence.

The Minister has insisted that the offer of the Spanish Government is addressed to all Nicaraguans who are o may be in this “absolutely senseless” situation.

Even if these people decide to stay in other Central American countries or the United States and do not relocate to Spain, Albares has made clear that “that will not be an impediment for the Spanish nationality to cover and protect them.”

As for those who have had to leave the country practically “overnight” and do not have the means to move to Spain, if they so wish, the Minister assured that the government will help them to travel and “start a new life here for as long as they deem necessary.”

On February 9, the Nicaraguan authorities expelled to the United States a group of 222 political prisoners whom they call “traitors to the homeland,” including seven presidential hopefuls who tried to challenge Ortega for power and five priests.

The following day, the regime continued the onslaught against the bishop of Matagalpa, Rolando Alvarez, who was condemned in a bogus trial to 26 years in prison and stripped of his Nicaraguan nationality.

Then on February 15, another 94 Nicaraguans, including clergymen, diplomats, former state officials, human rights activists, Sandinista dissidents, opponents, journalists, academics, students and businesspeople were stripped of their nationality.

Among those affected by the measures are writers Sergio Ramirez and Gioconda Belli and the Auxiliary Bishop of Managua, Silvio Baez.

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