A Leading Ortega Radio Host Threatens Opposition

William Grigsby Announces Imprisonment for Priests, “Tycoons,” ex-military and more “Chamorros”

From 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Radio host William Grigsby boasted on his program “Sin Fronteras” (Without Borders) that the war operation called “Danto” against Daniel Ortega’s opponents in Nicaragua, has not ended. Grigsby, in line with Vice President Rosario Murillo, warned of more jail for members of the opposition that the regime brands as “hired killers,” “traitors to the homeland” and “road blockers.”

“That is what they all were doing, the “Chamorros,” and I am not only talking of two [already under arrest], I am talking about more of them. Aguerri, the drug trafficker and paramilitary Maradiaga and Mrs. Granera, and add Cruz who came proudly. He came proud of having lobbied against the Nicaraguan people,”

Grigsby was making reference to the arrests on Tuesday night of Juan Sebastian Chamorro, presidential candidate, Jose Adan Aguerri, former president of COSEP, Violeta Granera leader of the National Unity. These join the arrests of the presidential candidates Felix Maradiaga, Arturo Cruz and Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, plus Walter Gomez and Marcos Fletes, former employees of the now closed Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation.

“The operation is just beginning, and more detentions are coming. Little by little, step by step, yesterday the arresting of Chamorro, Aguerri and Granera was sudden because they had their own plans to escape (to leave the country), with the complicity of tycoons. The tycoons are on the waiting list. They have been warned. The fact that they are millionaires does not exempt them from being citizens. The law is the same for all. Those who betray the homeland commit a crime,” threatened the fanatical Ortega journalist.

They will go after priests and ex-military

Grigsby said that Daniel Ortega’s “patience” ran out and that they will also imprison priests. “The cassocks are missing, not only the black hierarchy but the top hierarchy, other cassocks entangled in this issue, who are involved in worst things, committing crimes. There is more, there is more cane to grind here.”

The regime’s hunt will also reach former Sandinista collaborators, former military personnel who fought against the Somoza dictatorship and who, during the 2018 protests, took to the streets to demonstrate against the brutality and violence of the regime.

“There are others on the list. There are some there who were once military, Generals. There are some who have dark, dark, dark deals, who go around there dishing out money. Little Generals who were tin soldiers, who believe that after what they did in 2018 and then retreated, they are already unscathed. No, because they continued with their plan. Now they are in the background, but pulling the strings a little here, pulling the strings a little there,” said Grigsby.

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