Activist Anamely Ramos Blocked from Entering Cuba

Anamely Ramos at the Miami Airport unable to board her flight to Cuba.

By El Toque

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban activist Anamely Ramos, who has been in the United States for several months, denounced Wednesday that she was prevented from returning to Cuba. American Airlines did not allow her to board the flight to Havana. “Cuba sent them a message that I am not allowed in the country. American says that when that happens, they abide by what Cuba says,” she posted on Facebook.

From the Miami International Airport, Ramos who lives in Cuba, made a direct broadcast in which she assures that she will not leave the airport until she is allowed to fly to her country. However, the airport director, Ralph Cutie, told her personally that she cannot stay at the facility. Cutie confirmed that “the Cuban government is refusing entry to her country.”

According to a summary of events published by Anamely herself, the police asked her to move away from the American Airlines boarding area.

Anamely Ramos does not have legal status to remain in the United States or in any other country, which places her in a situation of statelessness and de facto exile. Her US type B1 visa, for a single entry, expires in April. “My house is in Cuba, my legal situation is in order in Cuba,” she insisted.

Airlines are allowed to operate in a country under bilateral agreements. In this case, American Airlines is released from liability since it believes that it complies with Cuban regulations. These contemplate the possibility of declaring inadmissible in Cuban territory any person, including Cuban citizens. The political use of these entry regulations contradicts article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that all people have the right to return to their country.

Miami media called by the activist have reported the events. Ramos cited them because she foresaw the possibility of this course of events after previous experiences such as that of journalist Karla Pérez, and the fact that the Cuban government has pushed numerous activists and dissident voices into exile.

Who is Anamely Ramos?

Ramos is an art curator. She left Cuba in January 2021 to pursue a doctorate in Anthropology at the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) in Mexico City.

She then traveled to the United States to attend the opening of a contemporary art exhibition on Cuba and Venezuela at the Museum of the Organization of American States, organized by the Victims of Communism Foundation.

During her stay there, Ramos organized and participated in events to demand the release of political prisoners after the July 11 protests in Cuba, as well as that of rapper Maykel Castillo and artist Luis Manuel Otero. She also met in Washington with Republican legislators Mario Díaz-Balart and Carlos Giménez.

For twelve years Ramos was a professor at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), from where she was expelled in 2020 for her continuous criticism of the Government and her support of independent artists.

“They already kicked me out of ISA, and my son left the country, they already harass my loved ones and separate us. What remains for them to do is not enough to keep me for doing for what I think is fair and necessary,” she posted on Facebook in September 2020, when she was expelled from the apartment she shared with a friend in Havana.

In November of that year, Anamely joined the group of artists, journalists, and members of civil society who carried out a protest from the house of Luis Manuel Otero, headquarters of the San Isidro Movement, to demand the release of imprisoned rapper Denis Solís.

Several of the San Isidro Movement members and supporters were on hunger strike, while others were there in a support capacity. The group was forcibly removed from the artist’s home in a midnight raid in the early hours of November 26, 2020, triggering a series of events that began with an unprecedented sit-in in front of the Ministry of Culture.

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  • Curt what I meant is that you have the opportunity to choose from Barbara, to a Communist, to neoliberal even to a neofascist but you defend and support the Havana’s regime elected by noone and with no choice for the ppl but the communist party. Very selfish for a progressive guy like you. Enjoy your freedom

  • Olga, FYI I never voted for Barbara Lee. She was first elected to Congress in 1998 and I wasn’t even living in California that year. She has been unopposed since then and I didn’t have the opportunity to vote for her. However, I will vote her as the best Congressperson in the US.

  • What is Cuba so afraid of? Criticism? Really?

  • Henry, Paul, and Curt. That communist dictatorship nobody elected it’s a shame than you guys defend a horrible dictatorship imposed to the ppl of Cuba when Curt is happy with Barbara Lee and he is proud to voted for her . When the ppl of Cuba don’t have that right because the regime you guys defend. The Family from the Kingdom of Biran turned Cuba into a farm where the only ppl with rights are the tourists that spend money to sustain the monarchy .

  • Bob, that is why I moved out of Florida and now live in California. I don’t want to live in a state where my representatives are “demented extremists”. I am fortunate to have the honorable Barbara Lee as my representative. She was the only congresswoman who had the guts to vote against going to war with Afghanistan back in 2001. Turns out she was right. I despise most South Florida politicians, especially Marco Rubio, Maria Salazar, and those I previously mentioned.

  • American airlines is violating US immigration laws and becoming an accomplice with the Cuban dictatorship. The American airline should be fined and its license removed for human rights violations and violations of immigration laws because this woman has every right to return to the country where she lives and where she was born. Cuba belongs to all Cubans, not only to the dictatorship, the Cuban dictatorship is not Cuba
    Curt you are so predictable that is boring Enjoy Capitalism!

  • Curt: you describe Mario Diaz Balart and Carlos Gimenez as “demented extremists”. They are members of the US congress representing my state of Florida. While I have strong disagreements with them on some issues, especially relations with Cuba, I do respect them for having been elected by Florida citizens.

    Democracy is when you accept election results even the winners and their philosophies were not your own choices.

  • In meeting with demented extremists Mario Diaz Balart and Carlos Gimenez, this San Isidro woman, not unlike 18 U.S. Code § 2385, conspired to aid in the overthrow of the ‘Partidooo Comunista de Cuba’. This is the goal of what Diaz Balart’s brother helped codified into law in 1996. She is fortunate to not be allowed in Cuba because she would then be in jail. In fact, would predict that if allowed in the country, this Havana-based ‘Movimiento’ would soon escalate their frustrated efforts to some sort of soft coup. Personally, i wish the ‘Partidooo Comunista de Cuba’ would stop playing softball and start violating some serious human rights ala GTMO in the name of peace. But what’s really happening here is that all these demented extremists are missing the Big Picture, and until they get it, relations among the two countries won’t fundamentally improve. The Big Picture is actually ignored in the US despite its 800-Pound Gorilla In The Room status when after the Bay of Pigs this Little Island That Could, put the United States on DEFCON 2 in ’62. The fundamental objection of the ‘Partidooo Comunista de Cuba’ to US aggression continues to be victimization of ‘Manifest Destiny’ going back to the original colonies, nowadays called ‘American Exceptionalism’. And so until these demented extremists get it, (what’s there to get, you ask? … i think Aretha put it best, ‘Respect’, a little non-colonial, sovereign respect as bestas can be afforded to a neighboring country is all I’m askin’ … see US president F. who respected neighbors, not president T. who hated Cubans, Roosevelt), but until then, relations among the two won’t fundamentally improve. Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  • I love all these activists rallying in Cuba then flying off to countries like Mexico Venezuela Spain etc and shouting from afar about human rights in Cuba. At least they have the means to leave and live elsewhere, whereas 90% of the population cannot do that and continue just to suffer everyday. So so sad for such a beautiful country.

  • Oh well, life is tough. Ramos should have stayed at home instead of traveling to the US to meet with demented extremists like Mario Diaz Balart and Carlos Gimenez. At least the Cuban government allowed her to leave the country. Maybe her new friends will help her get US citizenship. I have absolutely no sympathy for Ramos.

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