Alarcón Says US Accountable for Cuban Prisoner’s health

HAVANA TIMES, July 29 — Cuban parliament speaker Ricardo Alarcón this Wednesday held the United States accountable for the situation of Gerardo Hernández, one of Cuban Five who were given long prison sentences in that country over 11 years ago, whose “health is in danger.” The parliament leader complained that Hernandez, serving two life sentences, is kept incommunicado from his lawyers at a time when appeal procedures are being carried out in his favor, reported IPS.

One thought on “Alarcón Says US Accountable for Cuban Prisoner’s health

  • The list of U.S. government crimes (let alone private sector ones) is endless. So what are a few more to them, huh? Without any effective leverage for the cuban government, some of these guys are not likely to ever see Cuba alive again, are they? Something to hold over the imperialists when we finally catch them and put *them* on trial, at any rate.

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