American Airlines Suspends Flights to Nicaragua over Widespread Violence


HAVANA TIMES – American Airlines has suspended flights between the cities of Managua and Miami for security reasons due to the serious crisis that is shaking Nicaragua, the company said in a statement today, reported dpa news.

The airlines posted a travel alert on its website and also sent the notice to passengers traveling to Miami on Sunday and today, who were relocated on other flights.

According to the notice, American canceled flight AA993 that was to arrive to Managua last night from Miami, and the flight AA994 foreseen to take off today in the morning from the Nicaraguan capital to the Florida city.

AA informed passengers that both flights will resume as of June 19. “All passengers are being relocated and protected on the following flights,” he said. However that actually happening will obviously depend on the situation on the ground in Managua.

The Nicaraguan capital dawned on Monday virtually besieged by a joint operation of heavily armed police and government paramilitaries who attacked protesters who had installed cobblestone barricades in the eastern neighborhoods of the city. The scenes broadcast on social media resembled urban warfare.

Government operations continue in at least five neighborhoods in Managua by plain clothed gunmen operating in conjunction with the police, residents of those places said.

Meanwhile, paramilitaries detained journalists Jorge Cabrera, of the British news agency Reuters, and Arnaldo Arita, of Reuters and the US network CNN, stealing their cameras, while covering events in the San José Oriental neighborhood, on the east side of Managua. The theft was registered in a video recorded by the newspaper “El Nuevo Diario”.

8 thoughts on “American Airlines Suspends Flights to Nicaragua over Widespread Violence

  • It’s unfortunate that the suffering has extended to SJdS,,
    “OMG, the tourists are not coming” . . . . . .
    The airlines not flying are the least of the issue,,, just getting to the airport from somewhere in the country can now be a long and dangerous journey.

    Even after Ortega and the Chamu leave there will be a long period of destabilization.
    Few had confidence in the PN before,, less have confidence now. The entrenched corruption that supported the Ortegas will have to be rooted out,,, many will not want to give up that illicit source of enrichment. The economy will take its good time returning to a level prior to April, 2018.

    In the meantime,, hungry stomachs will make for a dangerous situation,, especially in the (few) major cities.

    The business community and the Catholic church have stepped away from the Ortegas,, a huge step in the right direction. If the Ortegas leave, we could be back to where we were in a couple of years.

    If they don’t,, there will be no end to this. The mothers will not forget their dead children, the individual PN responsible will be hunted by the fathers, and the JS turbas unleashed by Rosario will rule the country.

    Nicaragua is not going to be a peasant place to live,, or to visit. There are plenty of nice beaches in Guanacaste.

  • Travel is witness to the unspeakable truths of political and social chais in third world countries
    Thunk befre you go it worth your cheap journey to be a witness to suffering. Or are you blind and outraged when your trip gets derailed by the reality of the environment. Tourism in tandem with unpredictable revolutionary agendas is not acceptable or appropriate. PASSPORTS ARE NO LONGER PROTECTION..IN THE 21ST CENTURY.DONT BE AN ADRENALIN JUNKIE.

  • don’t listen to that idiot. i live in astillero but in san juan for 9 years. yes all this is happening. john is clueless only cares about money not the people.

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