Ariel Pestano and Pedro Luis Lazo to play in the Veracruz Winter League

Ariel Pestano

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban veteran catcher Ariel Pestano and pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo will be part of the roster of the Industriales de Coatzacoalcos team for the 2013-2014 Veracruz Winter League, informed the board of the Mexican club.

Pestano, who was on Cuba’s 2004 Athens Olympic champion team and three world championships, was signed by the Pirates of Campeche, according to the Zonadestrike website .

Although the Cuban catcher played an important role in his team Villa Clara winning the national title last season he did not appear on team roster for the upcoming Cuban baseball season.

For his part, Lazo, has played in recent seasons in the Mexican baseball for the Pirates of Campeche and Mochis Sugarcane, this, after retiring from Cuban baseball.

The Mexican league begins on October 18 in a regular season with 62 games for each team.