Australian to Try Havana to Florida Swim

Chloe McCardel. Photo: PL

HAVANA TIMES — The Australian open water swimmer Chloe McCardel will try to cross the nearly 170 kilometers from Havana to Florida said Jose Miguel Diaz of Havana’s Hemingway International Yacht Club.

The former triathlon athlete, 27, will attempt to overcome the distance sometime between June 10-20, depending on the weather.

The marathon swimmer will only wear her bathing suit attire, without a wetsuit and fins, or support boat or anti shark protection cages.

If successful, she would set a new world record in long-distance swimming without assistance or stages.

The most recent attempt to swim from Havana to Florida came from the American Diana Nyad, 63, who abandoned the quest due to storms, hypothermia and jellyfish.