Ban Ki-moon Deplores Death of Zapata

HAVANA TIMES, March 23 – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed his deep sorrow over the death of Orlando Zapata in Cuba, affirmed Martin Nesirsky, spokesperson of the multilateral organization.  Zapata died in a hospital in the island’s capital last month after a 85-day hunger strike, reported IPS.

One thought on “Ban Ki-moon Deplores Death of Zapata

  • I still don’t know why this guy died. And I don’t think I really care too much either, frankly — because he apparently put his life on the line for the ‘de facto’ imperialist status quo, whatever he may have thought in his head. The Rightwing is a pretty confused, hysterical lot…

    In any case: Ban Ki-moon was made head of the U.N. precisely because he would loyally serve imperialist interests — most especially when push comes to shove. And here, Ban is delivering the goods. As expected. And just like that other first-rank imperialist stooge, Obama, for that matter.

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