Baseball, Basketball & Hockey Players Protest Police Violence

By Democracy Now

Photo: MLB

HAVANA TIMES – Professional athletes continued work stoppages Thursday to protest police violence and racial injustice.

At the start of a Mets-Marlins baseball game in New York, both teams walked onto the field and stood silently for 42 seconds in honor of the first African American player in the Major Leagues, Jackie Robinson. Then they walked off the field, refusing to play, leaving a Black Lives Matter T-shirt draped over home plate.

In total, seven Major League Baseball games were postponed Thursday.

The NBA, WNBA and the National Hockey League also postponed games and nine NFL teams canceled practices amid player protests.

3 thoughts on “Baseball, Basketball & Hockey Players Protest Police Violence

  • You are out of your mind! America is one of the most oppressive nation on this planet towards its citizens of color. A long history of racism and abuse that only intensified under the leadership of Donald Trump. This is a tragedy all right. A tragedy for human rights.

  • There is not space to reply properly to this story. I would just like to record that this old Civil Rights worker (Freedom Summer voter registration, and many other actions) believes that the current BLM/Anti-Fa hysteria is entirely bogus.

    There is some police brutality in the US — if you’d like a couple of recent genuine examples, Google ‘Daniel Shaver’ and/or ‘Duncan Lemp’. No protests were made about their murders, perhaps because they weren’t Black criminals.

    We are witnessing a sustained, systematic assault on Western civilization, by people who don’t even have the excuse of a genuine alternative vision, as the old (genuine) Marxists had. I don’t refer only to the Burning, Looting, and Murders, but to the Stormtrooper tactics being used in academia and the cultural industries in general to drive out those the Left believe guilty of Thoughtcrime.

    This will be a tragedy not just for the Americans, but for all those bent under tyrannies elsewhere in the world, for whom the Americans were (a very flawed) beacon of hope, with their example of an improving, albeit necessarily imperfect, liberal democracy. Of course the apologists for single-party states will be delighted. The rest of us should not be.

  • Good !

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