Belarus Officials Threaten to Kill Protesters

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Belarus, government officials have threatened to kill anti-government protesters, saying police are allowed to shoot at dissenters with live ammunition. This comes as mass mobilizations continue to demand new elections, after longtime authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in a poll that opponents say was rigged. Pensioners joined the protests Monday as demands mounted for Lukashenko’s resignation.

Protester: “It hurts me that the authorities are doing God knows what to our children. I want our children to have a say, to have rights. They must be able to protect themselves. I want us to have a new, free election and for political prisoners to be freed.”
This comes as the European Union on Monday agreed to impose sanctions personally targeting President Lukashenko.

One thought on “Belarus Officials Threaten to Kill Protesters

  • Such are the actions of the extreme left. Not much wonder that people prefer capitalist democracy.

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