Beyonce’s Cuba Trip Was Authorized

by Circles Robinson

Beyonce with Cuban grade school students.  Photo:
Beyonce with Cuban grade school students. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES — It now appears that R & B singer Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z had US Treasury Dept. permission to travel last week to Cuba, a country off bounds for most US citizens.

Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Havana to spend their fifth wedding anniversary and according to a Reuters source they had a license as a people-to-people cultural visit.

The highly publicized private trip to Cuba received widespread coverage in the international media.

While in Havana the couple was greeted by scores of Beyonce fans wherever they appeared in public.  They dined at the famous La Guarida private restaurant, took a waking tour of Old Havana and visited with the Danza Contemporanea Troupe, singer Haila, the La Colmenita children’s theater group and with students and teachers at the Superior Art Institute.

Two Cuban-American congress representatives from south Florida, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, both Republicans, requested the Treasury Department provide information on the legality of the trip under the restrictions of the US travel ban on Cuba.

Both Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart support a hard-line stance on Cuba and strict observance of the half century US embargo and travel ban on the island.

Under the Obama administration Cuban-Americans can freely travel to Cuba while all other US citizens need a special license to do so.

The couple flew on one of the direct Miami-Havana flights usually filled with Cuban Americans and licensed tour groups.

Beyonce is known for having a friendship with the Obamas and sang at the president’s second inauguration in January.
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7 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Cuba Trip Was Authorized

  • By the way Griffin etc: it`s none of your or anybogy`s business whether Beyonce or others go to Cuba. Where is this so called democratic attitude, all this “freedom” the Yanks are bullshitting about all the time that it hangs out of the ears of 80% of the world. Don`t blame them for going to Cuba, rather blame some these idiots on Capitol Hill, that the rest ofe the US- Americans can`t go. Please, don`t always turn around the tables.

  • Cuba is not an “Obama” problem to resolve. It is a “Cuba” problem to resolve. With the full force of his office, Obama seems to barely be able to get Universal Background checks on firearm purchases. He is struggling with Immigration Reform as well. Do I need to mention the US budget? Why in the hell should he spend even five minutes on helping Cuba. Let the Castros die, allow Venezuelan subsidies to dry up and let the chips fall where they may. “Guts’ has nothing to do with it. I care about what happens to Cuba, perhaps you do too. But 98% of Americans could not care less. Half of them probably don’t know where Cuba is on a map. Anything positive that Obama would do for Cuba, while easing the pressure of the average Cuban, would also encourage and embolden the Castros to be even more repressive. Why would Obama help the Castros?

  • why and how does the Cuban-Miami maifa still pull so much weight in Washington…drop the ban on travel to Cuba…NOW

  • Ah yes, they had “special permission”. Beyonce & Jay-Z are “special” people, and ordinary laws and rules don’t apply to “special” people. So they asked their “special” friend Barack Obama, also a “special” person, who let it be known his celebrity friends were to have “special” permission from the Treasury Department.

    How very “special” of them all.

  • Ronald, You write “so-called celebrities”. If Beyonce and Jay-Z are not legitimate celebrities to you, then who is? Did you ask to verify Michael Moore’s license when he made a movie in Cuba? Relax, this is not a big deal.

  • I hope I will see the day when the USA policy towards Cuba is not controlled the the Cuban-American mafia from Florida. Is Obama going to have the guts and start a new era between USA and Cuba? After 5 years of Obama I am a bit skeptical. Maybe he should try a bit more to show he deserves that Nobel prize.

  • we need to see something official from the treasury department and not second hand information. it is clear under its regulations that for cultural exchanges people must go as part of a group under the auspicies of an approved organization and have a full program of people to people activities. rules for travel to cuba can be found under the web site of the office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the treasury department. there is no evidence that beuyonce went as part of a group and most activities were touristic. until the rules are changed they should be fined and go through the same hoops as other americans who get caught going without a license. so called celebrities should not be granted special privileges. we need to see if treasury is going to address this issue and not let reuters speak for it. of course the whole approval regime belongs in the past and americans shouldnt be harassed for exercising their right to travel. but the law must be changed. problem is that there is still too much fear of the political power of the old line cubans in miami.

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