Biography of Fidel Castro’s Wife

HAVANA TIMES, April 13 — Details concerning the life of Dalia Soto del Valle Jorge, the current wife of Fidel Castro, will be revealed at the end of this year in the book La compañera (Comrade), written by US-based journalist Nancy Perez Crespo.

“It will be a biography that mixes research data with personal testimonies, including my memories of Dalia and her family in the town of Trinidad (Cuba),” said Perez Crespo to the Café Fuerte website. She clarified that “it’s an unauthorized biography, for reasons to be explained.”

Dalia Soto del Valle was never presented to the Cuban people or considered the “First Lady,” a title that for years went unofficially to the late Vilma Espin, the wife of the current president, Raul Castro.


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