Blackout in Cuba Due to Human Error

HAVANA TIMES — A major blackout felt across much of Cuba on Sunday night was due to human error, which has led to an intense investigation by law enforcement authorities of the island.

“The almost universal blackout on Sunday was not due to an act of sabotage by anyone. It was simply an error in the operation of the national electrical system, which split the country completely in two, leaving electric service only in the east,” said an engineer associated with the National Electric Union who spoke to the website Café Fuerte.

“These are errors that have been made and continue to be made because of ‘selling off’ the best professionals and leaving the system staffed only by those who are either mediocre or just too inexperienced for so much responsibility,” said the engineer, who asked not to be identified.

The six-hour cut in service occurred around 8:08 p.m. on Sunday night and lasted until 2:30 am on Monday, affecting about five million Cubans.