Blogger Yoani Sanchez Freed in Cuba

Yoani Sanchez and her husband Reynaldo Escobar. Photo/archive:

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez was released on Friday by the Cuban authorities after being detained for 30 hours, she reported on her blog Generation Y.

Sanchez was arrested on Thursday along with her husband Reinaldo Escobar while on their way to the city of Bayamo, in the east of the country, to be present for the start of the trial of the Spaniard Ángel Carromero, reported DPA news.

Carromero, a 27-year-old conservative politician, is accused of manslaughter in the deaths of Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero when the vehicle he was driving crashed on July 22.

Yohandri Fontana, a blogger close to the Cuban government, was one of the first to publicize the arrest of Yoani.  He said that Sanchez had intended to distort the legal process against Carromero with  a “provocation and a media circus.”

According to Sanchez: “my intention was totally journalistic. To attend the trial and report @ AngelCarromero from # Bayamo through my # Twitter account. ” The couple were taken in convoy back to Havana, said Yoani on her blog.

Meanwhile, DPA notes that Yoani’s husband Reinaldo Escobar, would be accused of receiving “instructions” from the US Interests Section in Havana.

Carromero is a youth leader of the governing Popular Party in Madrid. The prosecution is seeking a seven-year prison sentence.

According to the official website, a ruling will be announced in the coming days.
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13 thoughts on “Blogger Yoani Sanchez Freed in Cuba

  • Lawrence W!! From her books, the pieces she writes for several newspapers including Spain’s El Pais! You know like any normal independent writer! Duh!

  • So where DOES she get her money from Humberto? Seriously?

  • Hans Saurenmann! That money$$$$$$$ innuendo tool against Yoani is SOOOO overused! Get a better script!

  • Lawrence W !! In the past I have asked you to respond with some real facts/numbers about this “blockade” that you keep mentioning but all I get are generalities and avoidance to my numbers which are backed by links! I will ask you again to support your “blockade” claims with numbers, you know like 1,2,3 etc!

    ECONOMIC EYE ON CUBA- February 2012 – Report For Calendar Year 2011

    From Cuba’s own web site showing trade with the bad old USA between $400,00 and almost $1 billion dollars!

    SECTOR EXTERNO / EXTERNAL SECTOR – 8.4 – Intercambio comercial de mercancías por países seleccionados y áreas geográficas (Conclusión) Trade in goods in selected countries and geographical areas (Conclusion)
    Estados Unidos de América (USA)

  • This is the first picture I saw of her husband. Generation Y? More like ‘A’, for ancient.

  • Yoanni is a propagandist more than a reporter. She supports the Paya family who have bought into the conspiracy theory over Paya’s death. Trials are supposed to be free of disruptions for justice to be served. She could equally be excluded from a courtroom anywhere in the world.

    If a “media circus” was created by overseas media as you assert, it was a circus in their back yard, not at the courtroom.

    I didn’t read anything about “Cuban secret police”. What was there to be secret about except wantng to hide the distasteful job of having to talk to Yoani.

    How can “goons appear to be manhandling her” from an audio recording? Just asking. Goons can appear stupid from what they write, however.

    Uh, oh, you lost the “show of hands” vote – no abuses. According to AP, Yoani’s husband “said police were polite, though they insisted the couple would not be allowed to attend the trial because their presence would be provocative. After a few hours at a detention centre, they were loaded into a vehicle and driven back to Havana. ‘They dropped us off in front of our building at night,’ Escobar said”. I guess Yoani only speaks when there’s abuses.

  • This women and here husband are well dressed, where they get this money for their lifestyle? Something is not adding up!! I have money but I am unable to buy Hard Rock shirts, the hands look like they never worked for their living expenses, check my hands and you see the differences!! And she uses the handy? Start thinking all my Cuba friends can not afford this lifestyle for sure!!

  • Why such fear by the Big Macho Castro Brothers? Why such fears by the big macho Americans, blockading tiny little Cuba for 50 years?

  • Smart, Smart big men, knowing how to deal with agitators.

    Short term detentions are routinely used in Canada for stated reasons of ‘keeping the peace’. It’s standard practice, even in a country that does not have an external threat from a hostile government, blockading it’s economy.

    She wasn’t taken to prison, she was taken home – and put to bed.

  • Tiny, Tiny little men afraid of the truth, run to the dark and hide.

    What could be worse than seeing how a trail is really conducted in Cuba.

    Taken to prison for doing a legal activity…how strange.

  • Yoani Sanchez has not been allowed to travel in and out of Cuba in 20 requests! Why such fear by the Big Macho Castro Brothers?

    YOUTUBE: Yoani Sánchez’s passport is full, but she still can’t leave Cuba / El pasaporte de Yoani Sánchez .

    It is unacceptable that an ordinary citizen cannot travel within her country without prior approval of “The Government”! The Castro “Government” is showing to the world that 53+ years of rule by one family has nothing to do with DEMOCRACY!

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Cuba urged to revoke repressive laws and release prisoners of conscience- 16 March 2010

    Amnesty International on Wednesday called on the Cuban authorities to revoke laws that restrict freedom of expression, assembly and association and to release all dissidents unfairly detained by the authorities.

  • To what gain did Cuba purpose in detaining Ms. Sanchez? The media circus she was allegedly was going to create around the trial was created instead around her arrest. Media from around the world who reported on she and her husband´s arrest greatly outnumber the media who would have simply reported on the trial. These Cuban secret police are a bunch of numbskulls! She recorded the audio of her arrest and it is despicable how these goons appear to be manhandling her. A show of hands as to if she will be silent about the abuses of her detention. BTW, does anyone know why there is no news in almost 4 months regarding Fidel?

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