Bolivia: Evo Morales’ MAS Party Set for Outright Victory

Morales says he plans to return from exile in Argentina, no date set

Official results are still forthcoming.

HAVANA TIMES – In Bolivia, former President Evo Morales’s political party MAS is claiming victory in Sunday’s presidential election. Exit polls show Luis Arce has won over 50% of the vote, giving him an outright win, said Democracy Now.

If confirmed, it will put the socialist party back in power, putting an end to the far-right government which ousted Evo Morales in November 2019 and is currently led by Jeanine Áñez.

CNN reports that the official results of Bolivia’s presidential elections are still to come, but centrist candidate Carlos Mesa has accepted defeat, all but clinching a Socialist victory.The Socialist candidate Luis Arce is already receiving congratulatory messages.

“We still don’t have the official counting, but from the data we have, Mr. Arce and [vice-presidential candidate] Mr. [David] Choquehuanca have won the election. I congratulate the winners,” Añez said on Twitter.

Protests have rocked Bolivia for months now, calling out the government’s use of military and police repression and violence against Indigenous communities.

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4 thoughts on “Bolivia: Evo Morales’ MAS Party Set for Outright Victory

  • How long before the Cuban medical team returns to Bolivia?

  • The USA often seeks to clamp down on democratic expression in the Americas when that democratic expression does not produce a right wing puppet regime.
    In Bolivia there are large mineral deposits which are the key to why the big northern bully is so interested in this Andean country.
    The USA will now seek to systematically destabilise this newly elected government.
    There is nothing new here.
    This has been going on in the region for a very long time.

  • WOW! What happened to the American propaganda on Evo and the lying, thieving socialist criminals? Americans said Bolivian people want freedom and liberty and not the evil Evo! What happened? Did they lie?!!

  • I’m no big expert on Bolivia at all.
    But it is always good when Far Right Conservatives are removed from power especially when there is a racial supremacist aspect.

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