Bolsonaro Supporters in Brazil Call for Military Intervention

President Jair Bolsonaro, known by many as the Brazilian Trump, attended the protest against the Congress and the Supreme Court.  Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Large numbers of government supporters in Brazil took to the streets on Sunday to again call for military intervention, in protests backed by President Jair Bolsonaro, reported dpa news.

Demonstrators met in the capital city Brasilia despite the coronavirus pandemic, and protested against the Supreme Court and Congress.

“We have the armed forces on the side of the people, for law, order, democracy and freedom,” right-wing populist Bolsonaro told his supporters in a statement broadcast live on social networks.

“Enough with the interference,” he said, alluding to the recent series of defeats he has suffered in the Supreme Court.

On Saturday, former Justice Minister Sergio Moro had testified against Bolsonaro for eight hours before the federal police in Curitiba and presented incriminating evidence, according to media reports.

The Supreme Court authorized an investigation into the accusations
Moro had made when he resigned.

He accused Bolsonaro of trying to exert political influence on the federal police – who were in the process of incriminating two of his sons.

Bolsonaro had dismissed the chief of police, a confidant of Moro’s. His preferred candidate, a friend of the family, was stopped by the Supreme Court.

“The constitution will be fulfilled at all costs,” Bolsonaro said on Sunday. “Tomorrow we will appoint a new director of federal police. Brazil will follow his course.”

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