Brazil’s Mayor of Manaus Fears “Genocide” from Covid-19, Accuses Bolsonaro

By Democracy Now


HAVANA TIMES – In Brazil’s Amazon region, the mayor of the hard-hit city of Manaus accused the government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro of intentionally allowing Indigenous communities to die of the disease.

Mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto: “I fear genocide, and I want to denounce this to the whole world. We have here a government that does not care about the lives of Indigenous people. … It is a crime against humanity that is being practiced here in my state, here in my region.”

One thought on “Brazil’s Mayor of Manaus Fears “Genocide” from Covid-19, Accuses Bolsonaro

  • Following the clearance and fire burnings of the forests of the Amazon, there appears to be reason in the claim made by the Mayor of Manaus. Bolsonaro’s disregard for human life is self evident and his pal in the White House similarly displays indifference. The latter considers it sufficient to cover that indifference by repeatedly parroting “The loss of one life is too many.” How about 95,000 ? It isn’t surprising that Putin’s Russia completes the trio of world leaders for level of infection. They are birds of a feather.

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