Britain and European Union Reach Brexit Deal

By Democracy Now

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HAVANA TIMES – Britain and the European Union say they’ve reached a new Brexit deal ahead of the October 31 deadline for Britain to leave the European Union. The deal will still need to be ratified by both British lawmakers and European leaders.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he plans to put his deal to a vote in the House of Commons on Saturday.

Some British political groups, such as the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, say they will not support the agreement. Meanwhile, many residents across the United Kingdom continue to oppose Brexit.

This is Johnny Kelly in Northern Ireland.

Johnny Kelly: “We’re all border residents. We all have great concerns about the impact of Brexit. We consider it to be undemocratic in the sense that the people of the North of Ireland didn’t vote for Brexit in the first place. All of the analysis out there would demonstrate very, very clearly that any Brexit will have a detrimental effect on the people and the economy of this island.”

3 thoughts on “Britain and European Union Reach Brexit Deal

  • No to Socialism. Thank God for Donald Trump and for those who are waking up from the socialist fever

  • Bojo rejected Prime Minister May’s deal because he said it conceded too much to the EU. Now it would appear that Prime Minister Bojo has managed to negotiate a deal which seems to concede even more to the EU.
    The British are divided on the matter of leaving or remaining.
    Bojo has no feelings either way on Brexit other than the possibility that it would be a useful vehicle for him to become Prime Minister Bojo.
    And he was right.
    Much is made of the fact that we, The British, have a ‘special relationship’ with the USA.
    Well both nations seem to be mirroring each other lately in the sense that both have compulsive liars as leaders.

  • It’s not a done deal yet.

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