Broadcasters’ Association denounces the situation in Nicaragua

calls on 1,700 outlets to condemn Nicaragua’s media repression

On Monday, May 30, the radio and television stations that make up IAB will denounce the situation in Nicaragua with the hashtag #juntospornicaragua.

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB), which brings together radio and television stations of the three Americas, issued an urgent statement on the destruction of democracy in Nicaragua by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

In the statement, IAB expresses its concern for the passivity, tolerance and the indifference of the international community towards authoritarian and dictatorial regimes that still exist in the XXI Century, when humanity has reached its highest technological, economic and communicational development.

IAB points out that Ortega intensified the persecution and harassment of journalists and independent communication media, through arbitrary arrests, raids and unfounded accusations, along with closure and occupation of media facilities by police forces.

In this regard, it highlights that journalists and media directors have been sentenced to prison terms of between 9 and 13 years, with trials that did not comply with the minimum guarantees for the exercise of the right to defense.

Likewise, the persecution of communicators, journalists, broadcasters, and media directors caused many to go into exile, which has further increased censorship of freedom of information in the country.

They also stressed that Ortega uses the Judicial Power as an instrument to fulfill his objective of impeding and punishing the exercise of freedom of expression and information.

In the context of the presidential elections, IAB details that the regime prevented the entry into the country of foreign journalists and media seeking to cover the event, hindering access to information.

“Freedom of expression of thought and information are fundamental elements for the full existence of a democracy.”

Therefore, in a unanimous General Assembly they reiterated their strongest condemnation of the regime of Daniel Ortega and groups linked to him, for their systematic censorship against journalists and media outlets, as well as for the constant violations of human rights and democratic principles in Nicaragua.

“We urge the international community, international human rights and freedom of expression organizations and the governments of their member states, to apply with forcefulness and resolution all the instruments and norms in force to achieve the restoration of fundamental rights and democracy in the country.”

IAB called on media outlets committed to freedom to publicly denounce and condemn, this Monday, May 30, the situation in Nicaragua and use the hashtag #juntospornicaragua.

“These dictatorships have caused innumerable negative consequences, not only in their countries, but also in their immediate surroundings, thus evidencing their geopolitical impact, their attack against freedom of expression, as well as also the disastrous economic, social and even health consequences,” they conclude.

The call to denounce the persecution of journalist in Nicaragua was made to 1,700 media outlets that make up IAB.

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