Buena Vista Social Club USA Tour

Photo: buenavistasocialclub.com

HAVANA TIMES — The famous group of traditional Cuban music, Buena Vista Social Club, is preparing to travel to the United States, where it will offer around 20 concerts starting next month, in what will be their biggest tour in that nation, reported Prensa Latina.

Coordination of the presentations in several states is underway. A new CD with unreleased tracks recorded at different times since the creation of the group will be promoted at the concerts. The band has just concluded a 24-concert tour in Europe.

While Buena Vista is 16 years ago, the group composed of thirteen musicians including Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, and Idania Valdés, will make their first national Cuban tour in 2014, beginning in the far eastern province of Guantanamo.


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  • I would also like to know their tour dates in Cuba in 2014 please

  • Anybody knows exact dates and places for BVSC 2014 first national tour in Cuba? I have read that it will start in Guantanamo (CU), but would like to know full tour schedule before I depart to Cuba. For better planning, you know. =)

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